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Ten Top Products to Help your Garden Survive a Heatwave

  • 3 min read

Climate change is real and our Perth gardens are certainly feeling the heat! We've gathered a few top tips for products that might just give your garden a lifeline to help it through the heatwave.

1. Compost

Compost increases the microbial content in soil, allowing it to retain up to 90% of its weight in water. Applying compost as a mulch over the garden bed also increases water savings while adding vital organic matter. Choose from mature compost or Piggypost, which also enriches the soil by adding an infusion of nutrients.

2. Olla Pots

Olla Pots are made from low fired porous terracotta clay which slowly releases water into the surrounding soil. Water is delivered directly to the root zone, providing plants with steady moisture and eliminating water loss through evaporation or run off.

Olla pot

3. Watering wand

Using a watering wand allows you to water plants close to the root zone which is most effective. Hand watering is important to facilitate careful monitoring of plant health and allows for additional attention to be paid to plants that are struggling in the heat.

4. Waterfall Watering Can

A large watering can is an essential tool for effective summer gardening. A waterfall watering can is an excellent choice because the combination of long spout and curved handle is well balanced and allows for easy watering close to the soil.

waterfall watering can

5. Watering spout

This bottle top watering attachment transforms an empty single use plastic soft  drink bottle into a slow release watering device. Fabulous for watering your plants while you are away, this Flower Pot Waterer will slowly release water right at the root zone.

watering spout

6. Seaweed

Powdered kelp or seaweed solution is a valuable plant tonic for your garden that promotes soil health by encouraging beneficial soil microbes. This helps to ensure healthier and more robust plants which are drought and disease resistant.  Seaweed Tonic contains alginic acid, a unique material that has an immediate effect on soil particles by forming bonds. It gives the soil a crumb like structure that holds and retains moisture and houses microbes.

7. Greensmart Self Watering Pots

GreenSmart® pots utilise a unique self-watering system that uses less water than in-ground cultivation. Plants absorb moisture through their roots and exhaust it through their leaves. The roots draw up water through a process of osmosis. This phenomenon is the result of, what is referred to as, transpiration pull.  Plants in GreenSmart® self-watering pots have continuous access to water so transpiration pull is never interrupted.

Greensmart self watering pot with herbs

8. Shade cloth

Shade cloth is a simple and effective way to protect plants from the harshest sun. Hessian burlap cloth is an excellent option for creating some temporary shade to shield plants from the sun's rays.

Hessian shade cloth

9. Sprinkler

A sprinkler is a highly effective way to use a garden hose to water areas that are not covered by reticulation. Depending on water pressure, water from a sprinkler can cover an area up to 10m diameter.

10. Charcoal

Charlie Charcoal™ is a high quality horticultural charcoal or biochar that is of great benefit in sandy soils.  As a permanent source of carbon, charcoal acts as a sponge to hold onto water and nutrients and increases water holding capacity in the root zone. Super charge your charcoal by adding liquid nutrients like kelp or fish hydrolysate  - mix the nutrient liquid with a bucket of water, tip 5 litres of the liquid into a bucket of Charlie Charcoal™ and leave for a few hours before applying.

We'd love to know how you're helping your garden through heatwave conditions. Add your comments below or tag us on social media!

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