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How to Choose a Sustainable Gift

  • 3 min read

Every tangible gift we buy has an environmental and social impact which makes choosing a truly eco friendly gift a real challenge.

Making a sustainable choice

Circular products are a better choice - the principles of the circular economy mean that at end of life all of the materials embodied in the gift should be able to be upcycled into new materials to make an item of equivalent or better quality, or returned to the earth to compost naturally into the soil. That also means that none of the gift should end up in landfill. The more that's reused and recycled, the less that's mined and manufactured.

Beauty products which are consumable and housed in compostable packaging are an excellent option for sustainable gifting. Check out these solid shampoo sample sets or this perfume stick in a compostable tube.

Give an edible eco gift

One of the best solutions to the tangible gift dilemma is edible gifts. Food and drink is something of a necessity for life, rather than a superfluous luxury. Buy direct from local makers to cut down on carbon miles. Opt for edible gifts from a regenerative farm like Dirty Clean Food, or choose some treats from your favourite bulk food store placed into upcycled jars. If time is plentiful, bake something special to show your loved one you care.


Garden tools are the gift that lasts a lifetime

garden tools on mat

For garden lovers, a specialist tool like a Hori Hori knife will gets lots of use and become a treasured possession. At the end of life all of our Hori Hori knives can be returned to the earth, as both the timber handle and the steel blade are compostable. There is a wide range of garden toolsand gardening gifts in our Perth Garden and Home Store.

Haws watering cans

Books and magazinesare excellent sustainable gift choices which can be cherished for many years, before regifting if desired. We can't get enough of the fabulous PiP Magazine- every issue is packed with ideas, inspiration and information about living more sustainably using permaculture principles. A highly collectable journal, it is printed with vegetable inks onto 100% recycled paper and the stylish layouts are a joy to behold.

Pip Magazine

Meaningful gifts are great

A well targeted product that is actually used and not binned is a present to strive for! Consider asking your beloved for some tips or ideas, or go for a gift voucher for their favourite store for a guaranteed win!

Urban Revolution gift voucher

Op shop gifting adds to the sustainable credentials - it can be a great way to save money and protect the planet, and if the secondhand item is fancy enough it can be seen as collectable.

Wrap your sustainable gift in reused paper or wrapping paper made from recycled materials. A Furoshiki fabric wrap is an excellent and sustainable choice.

Give the gift of an experience

Experience-based gifts are a good sustainable option which produce zero waste. Choose a location close to the recipient to reduce travel costs and the associated pollution.

Experience gift trail ride

Consider gifting a membership of a local not for profit group, or giving a meaningful gift like the gift of trees through a conservation charity. Giving the gift of time, such as an hour or two of babysitting or garden maintenance is a hugely thoughtful alternative.

Whatever you choose to gift, wrap it in love and enjoy!

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