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The Waterpot Olla Round - 1.25L

The Small Waterpot Olla is 1.25 Litres and is ideal for small container gardens both indoors and outdoors. Watch as your plants thrive from being able to self-regulate their water supply and enjoy a garden no matter how limited you are for space. 

Two sizes of the round Waterpot for your small space urban container, raised or in-ground garden (do take a look at Bird Waterpot too for a decorative touch and The Waterpot Round Large Olla ). 

The Waterpot Olla Collection: Small Round 1.25 Litre 

  • Materials: Low fired porous Terracotta clay 
  • 1.25 Litre capacity - not to be used as a drinks vessel
  • Size: Diameter 12cm  x  Height 18cm
  • Designed in Australia, hand-cast in China
  • All products shipped are protected by 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable void fills and wrappings for the benefit of the Planet!

What is the history of Olla pots?

Burying unglazed clay pots filled with water is an ancient method of plant irrigation. Clay vessels or pots made from low fire terra cotta clay are porous enough to allow water to pass through them when buried in soil. The word Olla is the Spanish name for 'pot'. There is also evidence of Olla pots being used in the first century BC in Chinese culture.

Why Should I Use An Olla Waterpot™ in My Urban Garden? 

  • Water is delivered directly to the root zone 
  • Eliminates runoff and evaporation SAVES WATER!
  • Provides plants with steady moisture 
  • Low tech and easy to use 
  • No need for water pressure or electricity or water filters

Where do I bury an Olla Pot? 

Arrange The Waterpot™  in clusters and plant your starter seedlings or plants around them, whether in a container or in the ground. Each pot will irrigate the plants around 30cm of the neck. Plant seedlings in a circle or place between rows in a garden bed. Depending on the size of a planter

Olla filled with water and buried in ground irrigates surrounding plants

Plants with long roots, such as tomatoes, can be placed furthest from the centre. Plants with shorter roots should be placed closer to the Waterpot. This is a naturally automatic system, if it has been raining, the soil is wet so there is no moisture tension and the pots don’t release any water. The plants get just what they need, right where they need it with no gadgets or sensors required!

Customer Reviews

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Waterpot Olla

Beautiful item that is really practical - it does what it says! I placed this in an enormous pot that struggles on hot days - this has made a notable difference


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