Seaweed Tonic

No Frills seaweed tonic for a tougher, healthier plant.

The Difference between No Frills Seaweed Tonic and others is:

  • It uses the most scientifically researched kelp on the planet- Ascophyllum Nodosum.
  • It is agriculture grade and covers twice the distance.

Seaweed  Tonic contains alginic acid, this is a unique material that has an immediate effect on soil particles by forming bonds. It gives the soil a crumb like structure that holds and retains moisture and houses microbes.

It is perfect for stimulating root development and resilience against pests and disease in all plants.

What is it?  It’s a liquid concentrate of kelp.

What does it do?  It stimulates early root development and reduces plant stress.

How does it work? It acts as a powerful microbial stimulant encouraging an active soil environment and promotes plant immunity.

What are the benefits?

  • Healthier tougher plants.
  • Reduced plant stress.
  • Stimulates microbes, improving soil health.
  • River and ground safe.
  • Improves plant nutrient uptake.

 Certified Organic by NASAA

Application Rates:

Per 9L                           Soil Drench                Foliar Spray
Garden beds                          20-40mL                        25mL
Large trees                         50-100mL                        25mL
Stressed Tress                     100-200mL                        25mL
Container Pots                       20-40mL                        25mL
Lawns                               50-100mL                        25mL
Natives                              20-30mL                        25mL
General                              20-40mL                        25mL

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 0.2%                  Manganese 1-6 ppm                Organic matter 9-10%
Phsophorus 0.16%               Zinc 2-20 ppm                    Alginic acid 2%
Potassium 2.8%                 Copper 0.2-6 ppm                 Mannitol 1-2%
Sulphur 0.2%                   Boron 2-3 ppm                    Cytokinin 0.012-0.016%
Calcium 0.16%                  Molybdenum 0.2-1 ppm             Total amino acid 0.45-0.7%
Magnesium 0.04-0.2%            Selenium <1 ppm                  Crude protein 1.5-3%
Sodium 0.25%                   Iron 0.21%                       pH 9-10