Organic Cotton Rounds
Reusable Organic Cotton Face Rounds These Reusable Organic Cotton Face Rounds are beautifully handmade by PaulaW. These eco-friendly facial pads make a great waste-free alternative for face washing, cleansing, exfoliating and removing make-up. Reusable Cotton Face Round Features:  Machine Washable,...
Dish & Laundry Soap - 200g
A natural, effective and convenient dish soap, also suitable for laundry and household cleaning. Great for travelling, this concentrated bar of natural plant oil goodness is all you need for cleaning on the go. Using solid bar soap for household cleaning...
Reusable Multi Purpose Wipes
Beautifully handmade wipes from upcycled materials including baby blankets, flannelette off-cuts and muslin wraps.  Many prints and colours available. Reusable, machine washable, 100% compostable and biodegradable.   Materials Handmade from upcycled materials. Local Manufacturer Paula has loved sewing, knitting and...
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Citric Acid - 50g
Citric acid is a natural preservative. It will prolong the shelf or fridge life of your liquid soap nut (soap berry) concentrate to a couple of months. You can make up a liquid using the soap nut or soap nut...
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Dustpan and Brush Set for Children
A durable and beautifully made dustpan and brush set, perfect for play and for encouraging young helpers in the home. Also ideal for brushing crumbs off a dining table... Materials:  Powder coated steel FSC beechwood Horse hair bristles Dimensions: Dustpan...
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Foamer Bottle - 200ml
These foamer bottles instantly turn your soap nut (soap berry) liquid into a foam. Soap nut foam is brilliant for shampoo, pet wash, hand wash and more. They are handy in the kitchen and the the bathroom. These bottles are refillable and...
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Nordic-Style Toilet Brush, by Redecker
Nordic-Style Toilet Brush: Bring a little style and elegance to a very mundane task with this beautifully-designed toilet brush from Redecker. Cleverly designed to thoroughly clean every part of the toilet bowl, with an open bristle pattern to ensure the...
Unpaper Paper Towels - Set of 6
The Unpaper Paper Towels by PaulaW include 6 one of a kind, reusable kitchen towels measuring 20x20cm.  They are reusable and direct paper towel replacements. They are made from 100% upcycled material.  100% cotton and super absorbent. They are made...
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The Laundress Stain Brush
The Laundress Stain Brush is ideal for removing stains from all types of fabric, from delicate lace and knit garments to tougher fabrics like denim. This beautifully made brush effectively treats stains without damaging fabric.  To Pretreat Stains: Wet the brush and stained area, apply Stain Solution, and...
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Redecker Pocket Brush for Clothes
Small enough to fit discretely in a pocket or handbag, this oiled pearwood and natural bristle Clothes Brush from Redecker easily removes lint and pilling from all types of fabric. Also known as the "Waiter's Brush", this is also handy...
5 Multi Purpose Reusable Wipes and Easy Access Carry Pouch
At last a plastic container one use wipes replacement! Beautifully made soft wipes and carry pouch are handmade from upcycled materials including baby blankets, flannelette offcuts and muslin wraps. Reusable, machine washable, 100% compostable and biodegradable. Paula has loved sewing, knitting...
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Redecker Unbleached Kitchen and Floor Cloth
Redecker Unbleached Kitchen and Floor Cloth Made from durable unbleached cotton, this absorbent cloth from Redecker is large enough to use for cleaning in all areas of the house or can serve as a floor mat in your bathroom, laundry or...
Reusable Baby Wipes
Reusable Baby Wipes, locally handmade from the softest upcycled fabrics by Paula W. Available in an ever-changing range of colours and prints. Each measures 15 x 15cm. Reusable, machine washable, 100% compostable and biodegradable. Paula has loved sewing, knitting and crocheting...
Sharky Beach Brush
Modelled after a shark fin this uniquely styled brush cleans off sand or dirt preventing you from transferring it to your house or car. Hung from a cotton rope and carabiner to keep close by or attached to your bag. Made from FSC beech wood and light horse hair. ...
Eco Max Shoe Brush - Coconut Fibre with Wood Handle
Eco Max Shoe Brush - Handmade with unbleached coconut fibre, a sustainable vegetable fibre which is naturally antibacterial so will not become smelly or mouldy. Coconut fibres are tough so great for removing mud or dirt. Great for kid's sports shoes and brilliant...
Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner, from Redecker
Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner:  Almost too beautiful to use, the very cute Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner from Redecker combines gorgeously creative design with practicality. Its tough but gentle bassine fibre bristles easily remove coarse dirt and debris from your shoes, for effortless,...
Handy Clothes Brush
  A useful little clothes brush, ideal for travel. Made in Germany from pear wood with black bristles, this brush is suitable for all types of fabric and all kinds of garments Approximately 133 mm x 10 mm.
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Heidi Scrubbing Brush with Union Fibre Bristles
Heidi Scrubbing Brush: Cute and compact, this smaller-than-usual scrubbing brush fits comfortably in the hand but still delivers powerful cleaning with it's tough union fibre bristles. Ideal for cleaning in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and around the home. Materials: untreated...
The Laundress Antibacterial Kitchen Soap Bar
We often neglect caring for our hands when we prepare meals. With The Laundress Antibacterial Kitchen Soap Bar, we can now cook meals and prepare dishes with ease without having to worry about skin allergies or harmful toxins penetrating our...
Drainpipe Cleaner
A wooden handled Drainpipe Cleaner providing a plastic free alternative for unclogging drain pipes in your sink, bath and toilet. Description When you pour hazardous chemicals down the drain there is a chance they may degrade your pipes or potentially end...
Shoe Shining Brush With Handle
Easily clean any pair of shoes with the our Shoe Shine Brush with Handle.The convenient handle gives you ultimate control to polish your shoes without getting your hands dirty. This soft brush is made with mane horse hair while the handle...
Reusable Wipes Easy Access Carry Pouch
Fill this handy pouch with PaulaW's wipes, your own wipes or handkerchiefs. Handmade from upcycled fabric. Reusable, machine washable, 100% compostable and biodegradable. Paula has loved sewing, knitting and crocheting for as long as she can remember. Her most treasured...
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The Laundress Versatile Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth
Calling this a wonderful cleaning assistant is an understatement! The Laundress Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths can be used for a host of cleaning tasks around your home. Each pack contains three cloths (70cm x 50cm) all which can be washed and...
Brass Wire Brush, from Redecker
Brass Wire Brush: Sturdy brass bristles make this wooden-handled brush ideal for cleaning rust or burnt-on food residue from barbeques.  Materials: brass wire bristles untreated beechwood handle Dimensions: length 28cm A family owned company spanning three generations and more than...
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Redecker Stitched Hand Brush with Oiled Beechwood Handle
This all-purpose hand brush features an oiled beechwood handle and sturdy, sustainably produced rice straw bristles bound together with three rows of stitching. Rice straw does not absorb water, making this the ideal tool for sweeping in wet areas. Perfect...
Cloth Hankie Holder
Handy pouch for cloth hankies, with moisture-proof lining. M Locally made from recycled fabrics by the very lovely Paula W. Measures 12 x 8cm.   Paula has loved sewing, knitting and crocheting for as long as she can remember. Her...
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Cornice and Cupboard Brush
The Cupboard Dust Brush is a housekeeping essential.Handcrafted from horsehair and beechwood with leather strap this brush cleans up dust and spiderwebs behind cupboards, in narrow corners, eaves and off walls.Made in Germany. Measures 115cm in length not including leather...
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