About Us

Urban Revolution is an Eco and Garden store based in Australia. Our Victoria Park store in Perth hosts a huge range of reusable zero-waste home products, composting solutions, gardening tools, and organic, heirloom seeds. Almost all our products are available Australia-wide via our online store.

Our passion for growing food, composting, and living consciously formed the foundations of the Eco and Garden store we are today. All our products have been thoroughly researched to ensure they are the most sustainable, ethical, quality, and locally-sourced products on the market - all with the aim of providing easy solutions for a thriving garden, wasteless kitchen, and greener lifestyle.

We believe that nourishing the soil, growing food, composting, re-using, and choosing better materials for everyday products is what we can do individually to have a positive global impact and change our environmental legacy.


Urban Revolution Shop Front Albany Highway Vic Park Perth



Urban Revolution started as a permaculture design business, helping people grow nutrient-dense food and nourish their patch of earth sustainably. Working within the wider community, it became obvious there was a need to have access to well-researched earth friendly household products.

The goal has been for Urban Revolution to become a one-stop shop for sustainable needs. In March 2017 the store was opened at the ‘West End’ of Albany Highway within the Iconic Tudor House building where we provide products and holistic information about lessening environmental impact in urban spaces. We also opened an online store so that consumers everywhere are able to make better choices. 


Urban Revolution was built upon sustainable principles in every possible way. The store was fitted out using only reclaimed materials, all our products are local and eco-friendly, all online customer orders are packaged in reclaimed packaging, and we offer our customers the service of taking all packaging that has come from our products to ensure it goes into the right recycling system. We compost all organic waste from the Tudor House and a number of our neighbouring cafes into our display worm farm, and many of our local products are hand delivered by bike or walking.

We have also implemented a Terra Cycle system; bins for people to bring their hard to recycle products such as Nespresso machine coffee pods, Australia Post mailing satchels, and beauty and dental products’ tubes and containers. When the bins in our store are full, we ship the collected waste to Terra Cycle in the Eastern States – the only place in Australia where they can be recycled.



Local economy is very important to us and we support many local manufacturers and artisans. Some of our WA products are soil inputs, laundry and personal products, cards, re-usable straws and cleaning cloths.  Vic Park products include bulk tea, reclaimed material products such as bags, cleaning cloths and unpaper towels, shampoo bars, gardening products, beeswax wraps and honey from Vic Park hives.

We have a comprehensive range of heirloom and open-pollinated flower, herb and veggie seeds, biodegradable crockery, containers and coffee cups, low impact laundry products, specialised food growing tools, veggie growing pots, kitchen waste and pet poo composting products.

Our team members are also more than happy to provide complementary information and know-how on subjects including; composting, soil creation, growing food, integrated pest management, permaculture, earth-friendly living, veggie growing bed positioning, plant-out advise and design. These services are in-store based with no customer cost.



Jo is the passionate founder of Urban Revolution and, along with Daniele, built and ran Urban Revolution in its early stages. Sally soon joined the team, with all three passionate women having Permaculture Design Certificates and are members of the Vic Park Community Garden.

Our team has grown over the years into the tight-knit group behind Urban Revolution we have today. Jo, Daniele, Sally, and Dana all live within walking distance of our Vic Park store, grow food, compost, and are learning every day just how the power of one makes a difference!

Have a browse online or come in and see us in our Vic Park Eco & Garden Store!