About Us


To care for the earth by minimising the daily footprint of urban living


To be responsible for our own environmental impact on the earth 


To create nourishing urban environments for people, fauna and the earth


Urban Revolution started as my permaculture design business, helping people grow nutrient-dense food and nourish their patch of earth sustainably. In sharing learnings with the wider community, I realised the need to also offer better products to lessen our impact on the environment. 

At Urban Revolution we believe that nourishing the soil, growing food, composting, replacing plastics and choosing better materials for everyday products are all things we can do locally to have a global impact.

So that’s how Urban Revolution became a one-stop shop for your sustainable needs. We’ve opened a brick-and-mortar store in our vibrant Vic Park, where you will find great products and a wealth of information about lighter living. We still take orders online so consumers everywhere are able to make better choices.

Our products are as local as possible, including Vic Park hand-blended bulk tea, reclaimed material products, beeswax wraps, lip balm and honey from Vic Park hives. We have a great range of organic flower, herb and veggie seeds, biodegradable reusable crockery, containers and coffee cups, low impact laundry detergents, gardening tools, soil inputs and home composting products.

Have a browse or come and see us at the Eco Store. Join the fruitful life!

~ Jo