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Piggypost - Mature Compost - 20L - Large Item

Local Pickup - Perth Metro Store

This product is only available in-store and online for in-store click and collect from our Perth (WA) retail store.

Piggypost Mature Compost:

Piggypost by DSATCO is the perfect addition to any garden soil, essential for the retention of carbon, nutrients, and moisture. It's a vital source of nourishment for the bacteria in the soil, aiding in the production of plant usable enzymes to keep your garden healthy. The unique composting process takes a full 12-18 months to transform raw materials and manure into the mature compost you know and love. Piggypost is a sustainable agricultural based and stable soil improver, made here in WA.

Benefits of Using Piggy Post:  

  • Adds Nutrients Piggypost is enriched with a range of nutrients in their natural state, enhanced over the lengthy 12-month composting of pig manure, to provide your plants with the sustenance they need in an easily accessible form. Nutrients are released as required by the plant (does not “burn” plants).
  • Water Retention -   Piggypost increases the microbial content in soil, allowing it to retain up to 90% of its weight in water. Applying a mulch over the garden bed also increase water savings.
  • Builds Healthy Soil Structure - Piggypost enriches soil by delivering an organic infusion of nutrients and carbon, aiding the development of living matter in the soil resulting in healthy soil which in turn creates healthy plants. This product will also help to stabilise soil pH, creating an ideal environment.
  • Humus Based -  Piggypost is enriched with vital microbial life that supports the health of plants and soil. It is composed of approximately 70% humus, which creates a conducive environment for earthworms and other significant organisms.
  • Environmentally Friendly Adding Piggypost to your garden enhances the soil with enriching and natural sources of fertilisers. Utilising animal manure, it becomes an ecologically sustainable way to break down and remove unwanted pathogens and odours through the lengthy composting process.
  • Support WA Farmers - Cut down on carbon miles by buying West Australian owned and made products for your garden.

Mature Compost Volume:

20 Litres


A 20L Piggypost Bag will cover just over 1 sqm of depleted soil. Can be extended to 1 bag per 3 sqm to replenish or top feed adequate soils.

How to use Piggypost

For best results in one application, use a mix ratio of 2 parts soil to 1 part Piggypost. For continuous results, application of a weaker ratio annually maximises results.

We recommend 15–20 kg per mature tree annually, and 2kg per mature rose bush or shrub. The optimal distribution in vegetable gardens is 20kg per sq metre.

Nutrient Analysis:

 Element Concentration (g/kg)
Phosphorus 8.4
Potassium 11
Sulfur 4
Calcium 30
Magnesium 4.1
Copper 0.5
Zinc 0.23
Manganese 0.21
Iron 7.7
Sodium 3.9
Boron 0.023
Carbon 110

Safety Precautions:

Please read the label on the bag and wear appropriate protective equipment when using gardening products as it may contain microorganisms harmful to your health. Please keep product damp while using and avoid inhaling product. We recommend using gardening gloves when using this product.

Other Products in DSATCO Range:

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DSATCO garden products have been recognised as the premium mulch for highly productive vegetable gardens, rose gardens, flowering annuals, and fruit trees. The ideal nutrient values from their organic compost and mulch products, together with their structure, provide an ideal environment for healthy soil full of life and vitality.

DSATCO pride themselves in providing excellent products, from the farm to you.


Due to the nature and weight of this product, it is not eligible as part of the free shipping deal over $200 as Australia Post is unable to ship this item. However, if you would like it to be shipped by courier, please send us an email and we can get you a quote. This product is only available in-store and online for in-store click and collect. Available for Local Delivery only within a 2km radius of store only.

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Due to the shipping cost, this product can only be ordered online as a Click & Collect order for pickup in our Perth retail store in Victoria Park.

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