Nutrarich - Mature Compost

Humus rich NutraRich 'Mature Compost' suits the physical, chemical and microbiological properties of soil. The humus in 'Mature Compost' encourages the formation of good soil structure, holds up to 90% of its weight in water.

Use for all home garden applications including vegetables, lawn, roses and native gardens.

The compost is produced from clean agricultural waste that has been processed into fully matured compost, Nutrarich products contain up to 60% humus making them ideal for WA soils.

The company receives waste feedstock from the local agricultural community and endeavours to source materials that complement the intended compost ‘end’ product. The company’s location in Brookton, Western Australia, ensures logistic costs are kept to a minimum.

Nutrarich recycles household waste from up to 300,000 households in the Perth metropolitan area via SMRC with additional agricultural and regional waste streams throughout regional Western Australia.