Powdered Kelp - Certified Organic - Buy in Bulk - In Store Only

In Store Pricing is 50c per 10g = 10L liquid solution when made up.

Bring your own container/jar into our Perth eco store and take home only the amount you want, plastic free without needing to buy a whole bag.

Certified Organic Powdered Kelp (BFA 6004AI)

Kelp is a valuable plant tonic for your garden that promotes soil health by encouraging beneficial soil microbes. This helps to ensure healthier and more robust plants which are drought and disease resistant.  Kelp can also assist with heat, frost and transplant shock.  The plant growth regulators found in Kelp improve the quality of flowering and fruit, cell strength and division, aid in plant photosynthesis, and improve seed germination in the soil. 

Powdered Kelp Ingredients: 

Water soluble seaweed flour – contains over 70 micro elements.  (Including trace elements, sugars, starches, amino acids, natural plant growth regulators, vitamins, etc.) 

How to Use Powdered Kelp:

Add 2* - 3 teaspoons (equal to approx. 10g) to a 10L watering can or bucket, agitate while adding water.  This mix is sufficient for 2 – 2.5 m2.  Apply every 2 – 4 weeks during the prime growing season.  For best results, alternate with Hydrofish 100% pure fish hydrolysate, also available in our Perth eco and garden store. You can also some add Powdered Kelp as an ingredient in  homemade compost teas. (*50gm powdered kelp will make 50L liquid solution at this ratio, making it very cost effective.)

Available in our Perth Eco Store only - not available for shipping.                                 


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