Ever Eco Reusable Silicone Food Pouch - Set of 2
Looking for an alternative to plastic bags with added benefits? These Reusable Silicone Pouches are perfect for lunches, meal prep, leftovers, freezing fruit, storing pantry goods and keeping produce fresh. Make use of it every time you prepare a meal. The...
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Eco Max Toilet Brush Holder Paper Pottery - Granite
The Paper Pottery Toilet Brush Holder is a plastic-free alternative to pair with our Eco Max Toilet Brush. It's handmade from paper, with a natural latex rubber lining and a protective water-repellent layer on the outside, and is weighted at...
Pre-Mixed Wax Block, for DIY Beeswax Food Wraps
Pre-Mixed Wax Block, for DIY Beeswax Food Wraps These premixed blocks are The Family Hub's balanced mixture of wax, Jojoba oil and food-grade gum to make flawless beeswax wraps at home.  They are also fabulous for reconditioning older beeswax wraps that...
Bamboo Soap Dish
A flawlessly handmade Soap Dish. Made from Bamboo, a long lasting and natural material. Organic soap sold separately. 
Wire Soap Dish - Bendo
‚ÄčSay goodbye to slippery soap sliding off the sink, with Bendo's gorgeous soap dish.¬† Uniquely made from one piece of wire.¬† Great for drying and the soap not sitting in water. Size: 150mm x 100mm
Onya Dog Waste Disposal Bag - Refill (2 x 15pk)
A refill for the very practical Onya Dog Waste Disposal Carry Pouch, including 30 bags in total. ¬†Features: Certified compostable to Australian, US, European and Japanese standards ‚ÄúWorm safe‚ÄĚ with no micro-plastics residue left behind Superior puncture and tear resistance¬†...
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Wooden Soap Dish
A gorgeous, wooden soap dish, handmade in Perth from beech wood and hand finished with cedarwood oil. By Perth designer, Cat Cook.  
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Travel Tube Toothbrush Holder
This travel tube toothbrush holder is made by MiEco and designed to fit their range of bamboo toothbrushes along with the majority of plastic toothbrushes. Air holes have been drilled in the cap and bottom of the tube to allow air...
Soft Bristle Vegetable Brush
Practical and appealing, this vegetable brush fits neatly in the hand and its soft bristles make removing dirt and pesticides from fruit and vegetables effortless. Materials: Bamboo handle Recycled nylon bristles Hemp hanging loop Dimensions: 10 x 11.5cm
Soap Bag Towelling
Handmade soap bag, locally made from upcycled from towels by the lovely Paula W. Reusable, machine washable, 100% compostable and biodegradable. Paula has loved sewing, knitting and crocheting for as long as she can remember. Her most treasured memories are...
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Mini Glass Measuring Cup
A tiny measuring cup for measuring in teaspoons, tablespoons  and millilitres. Perfect for the cook and baker. Made from handblown glass so there may be small variations. (Not bad as a shot glass either!)Approx 5.5cm high. Dish washer safe. Wash...
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Eco Max Toilet Brush Holder Paper Pottery - Concrete
The Paper Pottery Toilet Brush Holder is a plastic-free alternative to pair with our Eco Max Toilet Brush. It's handmade from paper with a natural latex rubber lining and a protective water-repellent layer on the outside, and is weighted at...
Saison White Ceramic Soap Dish
Store soap in one of these Saison soap dish designs made from crisp white ceramic.  A perfect way to accent your kitchen, bathroom or laundry sink. Available in Sorrento or Provincial Bee designs. Sorrento Rectangular15cm x 11cm x 3.5cm Provincial Bee...
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Dustpan and Brush Set for Children
A durable and beautifully made dustpan and brush set, perfect for play and for encouraging young helpers in the home. Also ideal for brushing crumbs off a dining table... Materials:  Powder coated steel FSC beechwood Horse hair bristles Dimensions: Dustpan...
Jack N' Jill Rinse/Storage Cup
This biodegradable cup is earth friendly, cute and made from bamboo and rice husks!With a matte finish and a familiar face, it is perfect for hygienically storing toothbrushes in the bathroom, rinsing after brushing and even that midnight drink of water!Great...
$10.95 $7.00
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Multipurpose Knife- Opinel No 8 Stainless Steel Folding Knife with Case
Multipurpose Knife- Opinel No 8 Stainless Steel Folding Knife with Case A versatile, lightweight knife with a folding, tapered handle and extra sharp blade, this iconic Knife is Opinel's best seller.  It's a great size to keep in your pocket or bag for...
Fly Swat - Leather
Finally, a fly swat to be seen and admired in the house! A beautifully made English leather fly swat. The swat is made with oiled leather, it has a beech wood handle and a leather strap for hanging. It is 53cm...
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The Laundress Stain Brush
The Laundress Stain Brush is ideal for removing stains from all types of fabric, from delicate lace and knit garments to tougher fabrics like denim. This beautifully made brush effectively treats stains without damaging fabric.  To Pretreat Stains: Wet the brush and stained area, apply Stain Solution, and...
Onya Dog Waste Disposal Bags and Carry Pouch - Disposal Bag
The Onya compostable dog waste disposal bags are as natural as what goes in it. With a handy carabiner clip included on the carry pouch, it makes it easy to always have it On Ya. Onya's compostable dog waste disposal...
Beeswax Birthday Candles, from the Chittering Candle Company
Beeswax Birthday Candles: The last Birthday Candles you will ever have to buy! With a burn time of approximately 45 minutes, these natural Beeswax Candles will be a beautiful complement to every birthday cake for many celebrations to come. The...
from $2.80
Twine Dispenser, by Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball
Twine Dispenser: Sturdy twine has SO many uses in the home and garden, and with this gorgeous Twine Dispenser from Burgon & Ball you'll always have some at hand. Seamless moulding gives this powder coated steel tin the stylish look of...
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Redecker Outdoor Ashwood Broom Head
Made from oiled Ashwood and Arenga fibres, this wide broom head is the perfect outdoor cleaning tool. Arenga fibre, obtained from the Indonesian Sugar Palm, is well known to be strong, durable, and resistant to moisture and heat. This broom head...
Sharky Beach Brush
Modelled after a shark fin this uniquely styled brush cleans off sand or dirt preventing you from transferring it to your house or car. Hung from a cotton rope and carabiner to keep close by or attached to your bag. Made from FSC beech wood and light horse hair. ...
Wooden Door Wedge - Small
A simple and standard design of wooden door wedge. Hand turned. 14 cm long in mixed hardwoods.
Woodnets - Magnets
Native Casurina wood with strong magnets, to make any metal noticeboard a feature.Rare earth magnets fastened to our native wood provide a strong anchor for whatever you may to remember. All harvested Casurinas are collected responsibly and the seeds harvested to regenerate the bush and...
Honeycomb Honey Spoon, by Redecker
Honeycomb Honey Spoon: A whimsical and practical version of the traditional honey spoon with a honeycomb pattern of holes for generous serving without spills.  Materials: oiled pearwood, sustainably sourced Dimensions: length 16cm width 3cm A family owned company spanning three...
Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner, from Redecker
Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner:  Almost too beautiful to use, the very cute Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner from Redecker combines gorgeously creative design with practicality. Its tough but gentle bassine fibre bristles easily remove coarse dirt and debris from your shoes, for effortless,...
Egg Basket
The traditional, French-inspired design of this Egg Basket makes it a beautiful addition to any home.   Impressively sturdy with four feet and a carry handle, the egg holder can be filled and carried from chicken coop to kitchen with ease....
Jute Drink Bottle Carrier
Jute Bottle Carrier: Beautifully made and SO practical, this crotched Drink Bottle Carrier leaves your hands free while you go about your day. The natural stretch of crocheted jute means this Carrier is suitable for most Drink Bottles. Handmade in Bangladesh...
Natural Hemp Twine, from EcoMax
Natural Hemp Twine: This gorgeous undyed Twine is one of the many products in the Eco Max collection that is meticulously handmade under Fair Trade conditions in Bangladesh. Made from Hemp, this twine is strong, durable and naturally anti-bacterial. 75m. Eco...
Japanese Flower Arranging Bowl, from Burgon & Ball
Japanese Flower Arranging Bowl: Designed for use in Ikebana - the graceful craft of Japanese flower arrangement - this beautiful  bowl and metal spike allow you to create simple, elegant arrangements with home-grown or bought flowers. The ceramic bowl features a...
Utensil Holder in Waterproof Paper Pottery, from Eco Max
Waterproof Paper Pottery: These utensil holders are lightweight, unbreakable, waterproof and beautifully versatile. A contemporary range of designer pots and accessories handmade from sustainable and recycled materials. The unique Paper Pottery is made from paper, lined with natural rubber so that it is...
$13.95 from $9.75
Eco Max Bathroom Storage Pot Paper Pottery - Concrete
This range includes a lidded canister and an open pot, perfect for bathroom storage. Made from Paper Pottery, these are lightweight, unbreakable, waterproof and versatile.  Paper Pottery is handmade from sustainable and recycled materials - paper is lined with natural...
$13.50 from $10.00
Mini Shoe Shining Brush
A smaller version of the shoe shining brush, made with mane horse hair and beechwood. Made in Germany. Measures 90 x 35mm.
Long-Handled Dust Pan and Brush Set, by Redecker
Long-Handled Dust Pan and Brush Set: Sweep up spills without bending with this Long Handled Dust Pan and Brush set from Redecker - a truly beautiful household tool that deserves to be on display, not hidden in a cupboard. Made...
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Ceramic Soap Dish, from Redecker
Ceramic Soap Dish: A gorgeous, simple Ceramic Soap Dish, featuring ridges and holes in its base to let soap air dry easily. Hand made and glazed in Poland using traditional Bunzlauer Pottery techniques, this soap dish is strong, durable and heat resistant....
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Glass Star Pendant
A gorgeous glass star pendant. Australian designed, pressed in crystal clear glass. Strung with jute twine, it is 50mm in diameter. Priced individually.
Fabric Tape Measure - Inches
A good tape measure -  a fundamental sewing accessory.
Toilet Roll Holder - Wooden
A beautifully made and solid oak toilet roll holder with slotted brackets which cup a length of oak dowel and allow easy running and replacement of your favourite brand of toilet roll. The clean lines and reliable design of this wooden toilet...
Beeswax Pillar Candles, from the Chittering Candle Company
Beeswax Pillar Candles: With a burn time of around 12 hours, these natural Beeswax Candles will be a beautiful complement to every special occasion for many celebrations to come. The Chittering Candle Company's Beeswax Candles burn brightly without leaving a dripping, toxic...
Organic Pet Conditioner in a Bottle
Suitable for dogs and horses, this natural organic pet coat conditioner leaves your pet's coat feeling and smelling great. Handmade in Western Australia from natural ingredients and essential oils. 50g spray bottle Organic Pet Coat Conditioner Directions for Use: Spray...
Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors, from Whiteley & Sons
Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors: Beautifully handcrafted scissors made from quality stainless steel - these are the only scissors needed in the well-equipped kitchen. Perfect for cutting meat and shellfish, baking paper and herbs.  These indispensable scissors are very cleverly designed. ...
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Oak Paper Towel Stand
An elegant bishop head design to hold a roll of paper kitchen towel, or two rolls of toilet paper.Hand made in FSC oak. Does not include paper towels.
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Metal Sewing Thimble
A good deep metal thimble -  a fundamental sewing accessory.
Japanese Pegs, in Aluminium
Japanese Pegs: Strong, light and stylish pegs (!) with a multitude of uses in and around the home. Use them for laundry, to seal a snack bag, or in the home office. Perfectly quirky for hanging art works or for craft...
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Natural Slate Bunting
  Gorgeous natural slate bunting, ready for the message of your choice. This set includes 5 flags, but combine 2 or more sets for a longer message. Customise your bunting with flowers, buttons, ribbons - the possibilities are endless! Perfect for parties...
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The Swag Apron ‚Äď ‚ÄúGet Your Swag On‚ÄĚ
‚ÄėGet Your Swag On!‚Äô Apron Swaggers, if you‚Äôre going ‚Äúa la naturale‚ÄĚ why stop there? Get your Swag on whilst cooking, with these heavy duty, 100% natural and sustainable Swag Aprons. No other clothes required whilst cooking, however, footwear is...
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The Swag Apron ‚Äď ‚ÄúCookin' With Swag‚ÄĚ
‚ÄėCookin‚Äô with Swag‚Äô Apron Swaggers, if you‚Äôre going ‚Äúa la naturale‚ÄĚ why stop there?¬†Be¬†Cookin' with Swag¬†with these heavy duty, 100% natural and sustainable Swag Aprons. No other clothes required whilst cooking, however, footwear is recommended! Dimensions: W: 65 x L:...
Sewing Pins - 100% Metal
Sew a little happiness with this box of pins. Ideal for craft, sewing and dressmaking. Weight: 20g  
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Quality Stainless Steel Household/Dressmaker Scissors
This scissor is a tool for life. 7-inch shears have the versatile length for that clean cut and blades strong to trim and cut multiple layers of flawlessly. Hot forged nickel plated blades.
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