We love connecting with the people, organisations, and businesses around us and are passionate about creating a vibrant community of diverse people who are all striving towards helping the Earth in their own little (or big) ways.

These are just some of the wonderful groups around us doing great things. Use this page to perhaps find some awesome initiatives near you!


Community Organisations and Initiatives

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Vic Park Community Garden Victoria Park Community Garden Association The Victoria Park Community Garden is a fenced section of Read Park and comprises of 32 allotments leased by individuals and families, school groups and community groups. In addition to the leased allotments there are approximately 25 fruit trees, some communal growing areas, a worm farm, composting area and an area for making tea and coffee under a giant Moreton Bay Fig.  It was established in 2009.
The forever project The Forever Project This┬áWA organisation is dedicated to inspiring and empowering communities to work towards a sustainable, happy and prosperous future. They┬ádevelop and implement a range of innovative educational events and project programs, such as the┬á´╗┐Great Gardens┬á´╗┐and┬á´╗┐Sustainable Homes´╗┐ projects.
ShareWaste ShareWaste ShareWaste is a free community organic waste recycling app that inspires people to see their waste as a resource. Their online platform connects local waste-givers and waste-receivers so that communities can help each other compost their kitchen waste.


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