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Mosaic Bird Bath with Stand by Paulette - Large Item

Local Pickup - Perth Metro Store

Handmade Mosaic Bird Bath:

Please note that due to the weight and delicate nature of this product, it is available for in-store pickup only and cannot be shipped.

Create an inviting habitat for birds in your garden with this stunning handmade Bird Bath. Featuring beautiful designs in bright colours with hours of dedicated work by local Perth artist Paulette, to make each Bird Bath unique and a beautiful feature in your garden.

Why Do We Need a Bird Bath in Our Garden?

Attracting birds to our garden is highly important in the permaculture world. Aside from the enjoyment and entertainment of watching a variety of birds frolic in the garden with their colours, birdsong and often quirky behaviours, they can also be one of our best friends in the garden. Birds will help to eat insects and can help to control native and introduced pests naturally. Birds can also play an important part in pollination and many of our Australian Native plants in particular, such as kangaroo paws and grevilleas, are bird-pollinated.

Of course to bring birds into our garden, we need to give them a reason to visit and a constant source of freshwater, a basic need for all creatures after all, is one of the best ways to encourage them to visit your garden. This is particularly important as more and more of their natural habitat is lost to development, and especially during our drying climate in the peak of summer when your bird bath could literally be a lifesaver for a parched bird! Planting a variety of bird attracting natives will also give them a food source and another reason to hang out at your place.

Shipping Request

Due to the shipping cost, this product can only be ordered online as a Click & Collect order for pickup in our Perth retail store in Victoria Park.

If you would like to have this product shipped to you, please submit your name, postcode, and relevant details to receive an emailed response from our team.

Thank You! 🌱

More Details

Bird Bath Features:

This bird bath comes on a terracotta stand so the bath sits high off the ground to help keep birds safer from predators. The bowl is just the right depth for small birds to drink and bath themselves and for larger birds to perch on the edge to drink. If you like, you can add a few pebbles that are tall enough for bees or other insects to land on to have a drink from as well.

Aside from their practicalities, they are such a beautiful decorative addition to your garden too!

This Bird Bath will make a treasured gift for the garden lover in your life.

Designs vary and can also be made to order if you have a specific design in mind! Send us an email for your requests.

* Please contact us for photos of current designs in store. Stand included.*

Bird Bath Dimensions:

  • Diameter of Bowl- 47cm
  • Depth - 7cm
  • Height - 58cm (inclusive of stand)

(All measurements are approximate).

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About the Maker:

These unique and gorgeous bird baths have been lovingly hand-crafted locally in South Perth by the effervescent and nature-loving Paulette.

Starting with broken teacups and teapots, then pots, then bee baths and finally bird baths... all things are getting mosaiced! Paulette also runs workshops.

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