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Urban Revolution Extra Large Stainless Steel Pegs - Grade 201 (2.3mm)

Size: Single Peg

Extra Large Stainless Steel Pegs - Grade 201 (2.3mm): 

The strongest pegs in our range, these are ideal for hanging thicker, heavier textiles. Suitable too for a multitude of other uses around the home. Practical, long-lasting clothes pegs, made from a single piece of high-quality stainless steel wire - these pegs will still be around when all the wooden and plastic ones are long gone. 

Perfect pegs for art and craft purposes too!

Sets of 20 Pegs are supplied in a sturdy drawstring hemp bag, perfect for peg storage or a multitude of other purposes around the home.

Metal Peg Materials:

  • Grade 201 stainless steel
  • Ideal for indoor use, but may rust if left outdoors regularly.
  • If you prefer to leave your pegs outdoors or live close to the ocean, consider choosing pegs in Grade 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Peg Dimensions:

  • Length 8.5cm
  • Wire Diameter 2.3mm
  • Hemp Bag 20 x 15cm

Stainless Steel Peg Selection Guide:

Choose your Wire Diameter based on the conditions where you hang your laundry and the type of laundry you want to hand. Pegs with narrow-diameter wire are best suited to hanging lighter clothing (like socks and t-shirts) in regular weather conditions, while stronger, wider-diameter wire pegs are ideal for windy situations and heavier items, like sheets and towels.

Grade 201 Pegs are a practical and affordable point of entry to the world of stainless steel pegs. They will corrode if left outdoors, so are ideal for people living in apartments or for very organised people who bring their pegs indoors after use. These pegs are also ideal for use throughout the home - use them to hang photos, make bunting or close packages in the pantry.

Grade 304 Pegs make a great all-rounder peg, suiting most people and most situations. While they are more durable than Grade 201 pegs, they will corrode if left outdoors for long periods, especially if you experience a salty breeze.

Grade 316 Pegs are our favourite, forever pegs - they'll last a lifetime! Made from Marine Grade stainless steel, these will not corrode in the harshest of outdoor conditions. These are the best choice for people who know they won't be bringing their pegs indoors after every laundry day, and if you live by the ocean or on a boat these are the only pegs to consider.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Anna Jackson
    Great Product

    Got sick of plastic pegs breaking in my hands every couple of months so gave stainless steel pegs a go and I love them, no rust, hold the clothes perfectly and the bigger pegs are great for large items . Won’t be buying any others from here on they withstand thunderstorms winds – hail


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