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Birdhouse/Roosting Pocket

These roosting pockets provide small birds refuge from the elements and nesting opportunities. They blend into the garden, are durable bird nests that provide natural ventilation and drainage along with some bird watching!

Hang in a protected part of your garden in a shaded or semi-shaded area. In the roost add a couple of small twigs for landing on and to start a nest.  Perfectly situated near middle and ground level shrubs and grasses for security that is close to a permanent water source such as a bird bath or shallow container that is constantly kept full and near flowers for nectar.


  • Made from woven bulrush and coconut fibre
  • 25.5cm H x 11cm W
  • Hanging loop included

Tips to Encourage Birds to Nest in your Bird Nesting House.

Hollows of trees are the natural habitat for many species of fauna. In the absence of hollow bearing trees a Bird Nesting House or a Small Bird Nesting Box can introduce a hollow to your garden to attract both birds and mammals. Whether a bird or other animal decides to visit your Bird Nesting House depends on a variety of considerations. Here is some information and suggestions.

  • Animals will not forage too far from safety, so Bird Nesting Houses should not be too far from food sources
  • We recommend not feeding wild animals and birds unless you have knowledge of the food that suits
  • Bird Nesting Houses should be at least 3m from the ground, out of reach of dogs, cats and also humans
  • Place in an inconspicuous position, protected from the weather (cold, rain, direct heat from sun)
  • You can tell if a bird is nesting as you will see some signs such as extra twigs or debris
  • Avoid looking in the box, as it could lead to desertion
  • The Bird Nesting House entrance holes are around 5cm to suit smaller birds such as small parrots, lorikeets, tree martins, rufous treekeeper and owlet nightjar
  • Natural nest predators may prey but this is part of building up an ecosystem

Sources: Wildlife Notes, 1997 (CALM, WA)

Customer Reviews

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Bec Phoenix
Perfect bird nests

I bought one about a year ago expecting not to have any birds nest in it too quick. But it was used within acouple of months.
We are destroying our environment so quickly so I’ve put up another 3 around me home. Fingers crossed they get used just as quick 😁


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