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EnsoPet Pet Waste Composting Kit

Pet Waste Composting

The in-ground EnsoPet Pet Waste Composting System allows you to compost pet waste easily and hygienically, keeping your yard free of pet waste, reducing landfill and adding carbon and microbial life to your soil. It makes the perfect gift for eco-conscious pet owners.

Installing Your Ensopet System

To install the recycled plastic Composting Unit simply dig a hole in your garden bed and bury the unit so that only the lid protrudes. When pet waste and Ensopet Starter are added the pet waste quickly breaks down, contributing to healthy soil and a gorgeous garden. The open base and perforated sides of the composting unit allow moisture and native earth worms into the system to further accelerate the breakdown process.

The special ingredient in this system is the EnsoPet Starter. Made from wheat bran, sawdust and minerals, and inoculated with microbes, the EnsoPet Starter accelerates breakdown of the waste, eliminates odours and remediates any pathogens. The natural microbes added to EnsoPet Starter include lactic acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, actinomycetes, yeasts and fungi. 

How Quickly does the Waste in an Ensopet Breakdown? 

Factors such as climate, moisture levels, aeration, and soil condition and type all contribute to the rate of composting in the EnsoPet Pet Waste Composting Kit. In warmer weather for example, composting will be faster - just make sure it gets enough water to the area to prevent it from drying out which will slow the composting process. Improving the aeration by turning the compost will also speed up the composting process. A garden fork, trowel or compost aerator is ideal to keep by your Ensopet to turn every so often. Adding small amounts of waste and EnsoPet Starter frequently (rather than dumping all your pet waste once a week in one go) will accelerate the breakdown by at least 50%. With proper maintenance, one EnsoPet (for one medium sized dog) can last for over 2 years. If needed, it can be easily moved to another part of the garden or additional EnsoPet units can be used on alternate days/weeks.

What Happens when my EnsoPet is Full?

Depending on the size of your dog, or if you have multiple pets, you may have to remove your Ensopet container to start again. Follow the simple steps below to relocate your Ensopet system and keep improving the soil in your garden.

  1. Choose Your New Location - Dig a hole in a new location to accommodate the EnsoPet. Remember, EnsoPet is great for any spot in your garden apart from your  veggie garden. You can put it under a fruit tree, in your lawn or flower beds.
  2. Dig Around the EnsoPet Composter - Use a shovel or other garden tool to carefully dig around the Ensopet to loosen the soil and make it easier to lift out and to make sure no garden roots have snuck in.
  3. Remove the Ensopet Composter - Carefully lift the EnsoPet from it's current location. A pair of garden gloves may be a good idea for this part! Once the system is out, simply cover over with soil and watch the garden flourish!
  4. Reinstall in the New Location - Carefully place your EnsoPet into your pre-prepared hole, ensuring it is secure and level with soil. Back fill any soil around the EnsoPet. You can now start adding your pet waste and Ensopet bran and congratulate yourself on your excellent nutrient cycling efforts and keeping your pet waste out of landfill!

Included in Pet Waste Composting Kit:

  • Composting unit
  • 1kg bag of EnsoPet Starter
  • Tongs
  • Full Instructions

EnsoPet Materials:

  • recycled plastic

Dimensions of Ensopet Pet Waste Composting Kit:

  • 35cm wide at base.
  • 18.5cm wide at lid.
  • 40cm high.

Also Available:

Made in Australia

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
George Mulley
Awesome addition to our compostable waste

It’s by far the best way to dispose of what our furry friend doesn’t need anymore.. clean- efficient- easy to install and use.. actually looks great in the garden as no-one knows what it is until I tell them . No plastic bags in the bin after our walks and nothing left around the yard as it’s collected daily. Brilliance at its best

Hi George, thank you for taking the time to review this fab product! It is wonderful to know that you enjoy using it. Best regards, the Urban Revolution Team

Simple, clean, effective, tidy

I wish we'd dug the EnsoPet in ages ago. It's super-easy to put together, easy to install, and easy to use. It takes up very little space, isn't instrusive-looking, it doesn't smell, and the dog hasn't bothered with taking the lid off (yet). This kit is a must for anyone with dogs and a yard.

Thanks for your wonderful review Sonya! We love this product too and we are so happy you are finding it so useful!. Best wishes, The Urban Revolution Team :-)

No smell!

Been using it for a few weeks for our cat and it's working great! Now we have a perfect spot to let his poop breakdown naturally - would recommend even for small gardens

Siobhan Corscadden
Dog poo decimator!

We have 2 dogs, a Lab and a Jack Russell. The Lab is a pooing machine. The EnsoPet was big enough to deal with all the waste they could create. The only issue with space we had was when a second Lab would come to stay. I highly recommend this for any size garden. No smell, no mess and no plastic bags needed!

Thank you Siobhan for your fab review! We're so glad you love the Ensopet as much as we do! Best wishes, the Urban Revolution Team :-)

Everyone Should be Using This!

We've been using our ensopet for 10 months and still haven't had to reposition and the hole isn't full.
One small dog who poops twice a day! This is the best thing ever, it's cute and discreet.


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