No Frills - Hydrofish (Hydrolysate)

Size: 1l

No Frills Hydrofish is a certified organic plant growth promoter which DRIVES PLANT GROWTH

The Difference between No Frills Hydrofish to other growth promoters is:

  • It is naturally broken down.
  • It is 100% pure fish – fish hydrolysate.

Hydrofish is the most pure fish product available. It is full of organic nutrients that not only feed plants directly but stimulate the millions of microorganisms that provide all the benefits in a healthy soil system.

It is perfect for promoting plant vigour in vegetables, fruit trees, flower beds, lawns and natives.

What is it?  

It’s a Tuna fish bi-product from a sustainable catch.

What does it do?  

It drives plant growth.

How does it work?  

It is packed full of natural proteins and oils which is the direct food source of bacteria and fungi necessary for plant growth.

The way the proteins and oils actually work has only recently been worked out.  They are natural chelating agents that make nutrients immediately available to plants and also stimulate soil microbes.  It has also been found that fish hydrolysate is better and more effective than fish emulsions due to its natural enzyme digestion process, allowing the natural oils and proteins to stay present.

What are the benefits?

  • Increase of crop yield.
  • Increases plant vigour.
  • Improves nutrient uptake.
  • River and ground water safe.
  • Agriculture grade.

Certified Organic by NASAA

Application Rates

One Rate for All              Soil Drench               Foliar Spray
1st Application                  180mL/9L                    10mL/1L
2nd Application                  120mL/9L                    10mL/1L
3rd Application                   90mL/9L                    10mL/1L
Maintenance                    45-60mL/9L                    10mL/1L
Natives                        45-60mL/9L                  5–10mL/1L

Note: When the need for stimulating growth is great (at bud burst, first flower and growth stages) apply the 1st or 2nd rates at 120-180mL per 9L.

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