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Small Bird Nesting Box

It can take more than 100 years for a tree to form hollows suitable for our native birds to nest in, and trees of this age are rapidly disappearing from our suburbs. Nesting boxes like this small bird nesting box provide a viable alternative to natural nesting hollows, and are a great way to protect native birds and attract them to your garden.

This Small Bird Nesting Box has a gabled roof for protection from wind and rain, and a pivoting front wall allows access to the interior of the box. A small hanging bracket makes installation easy.

Birds are often particular about the size and shape of their nesting sites. Our Small Bird Nesting Box is ideal for several native species including Lorikeets, Tree Creepers and Pardalotes. 

How to install a Small Bird Box:

  • Late Winter and early Spring are good times to install a nesting box in your garden as birds are searching for nesting sites.
  • Provide as much protection as possible from wind, rain and direct sunlight.
  • Installing some nesting material such as decayed wood, shredded bark or untreated wood shavings can help attract birds to your nesting box.
  • Place the nesting box at least 1.5m above ground level and as far from the tree trunk as possible, to protect birds from predators. 

Small Bird Nesting Box Materials:

  • Untreated pine

Small Bird Nesting Box Dimensions:

  • L 27 x D 12 x W 18.5 cm
  • Entry way diameter 5cm

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