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Baby and Kids

44 products
Products especially for babies and children that are made from natural ingredients and materials that are better for our Earth.
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Body Care

110 products
A wonderful range of personal body care products that are made to be kinder to us and the Earth.
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Books, Calendars, Magazines and More

46 products
Our small but wonderful range of calendars, magazines, books, CDs and DVDs to enjoy and learn a range of useful skills.
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Cleaning, Hygiene and Body Care

289 products
Keep safe from bacteria and viruses without harming the Earth or your health with our sustainable cleaning, hygiene and body care range.
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Cutlery and Straws

37 products
Cutlery, chopsticks and straws in a range of materials that are a better choice for our Earth than those made from plastic.
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Drink Bottles

53 products
Stainless steel drink bottles that are single walled for water or insulated to keep beverages hot or cold.
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54 products
Everyday, speciality and insulated; cups, mugs, reusable coffee cups, wine goblets, tumblers and flasks to contain all hot and cold beverages. Innovative designs and earth friendly...
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Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

139 products
Products for household cleaning jobs that are made from natural anti-bacterial fibres, are compostable at home or simply better choice materials for us and our...
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Eco-friendly Garden Tools & Equipment

154 products
A comprehensive, quality and innovative range of practical garden tools to plant out, germinate seeds, harvest food, maintain soil, beds, plants and fruit trees. Tools are predominantly made from wood...
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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

30 products
Ditch the single-use wrapping paper and use these eco-friendly solutions instead!
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Face Care

40 products
Personal care face products that are made from natural ingredients and materials that are up-cycled, natural, compostable and/or better for us and the Earth.
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Food, Drinks and Cultures

81 products
DIY kits to make cheeses, chocolate, yoghurt, kefir and a range of non and alcoholic beverages. Also water filtration and tea and coffee...
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351 products
Garden products that; create healthy soils, compost waste, use integrated pest management, are handmade, are made from better choice materials for the Earth and...
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Garden Supplies

55 products
Garden twine, gloves, ties, plant labels, jute veggie and leaf bags, coir rope, netting, grafting tape, rooting powder, etc...made from materials that are compostable...
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Garden Watering

41 products
A reliable range of quality metal outdoor and indoor watering cans, hose connections and sprinklers.
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Gift Ideas

57 products
Great gift ideas for that eco conscious person
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Gift Inspiration

462 products
Eco gift ideas for friends and family which are kinder to the earth. Choose from a range of hand-picked gift ideas across gardening,...
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Grooming Care

66 products
Personal grooming products that include care for beards, hair and nails.
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Hair Care

43 products
Fabulous to use and zero waste shampoo bars plus hair products, brushes and combs that are made from compostable materials and/or are a better...
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Home Composting

34 products
Our range of kitchen, pet and garden waste home composting tools.  Find solutions for making nutrient dense soil and reducing household waste in landfill.
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565 products
Everyday home products made from materials that are compostable, reusable or simply a better choice for our Earth.
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House Cleaning

51 products
A range of house cleaning products that are made from mainly natural fibre and/or compostable materials that are kinder to us and the...
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50 products
Common products used around the home that are made from better choice materials for us and the earth.
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Insects, Birds and Chickens

15 products
Natural material products that encourage native insects and fauna into our gardens. A very well-designed chicken feeder and waterer.
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Kitchen Cleaning

58 products
A wonderful range of kitchen specific cleaning brushes, scourers, cloths and tools. Many are handmade from natural fibres and 100% compostable.
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151 products
A wonderful range of everyday kitchen items including utensils, tea towels, tools, replacement one-use consumables for cooking, baking and preserving food that are made from...
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41 products
A comprehensive range of laundry products to clean your clothes using environmentally friendly ingredients and methods.
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Lunchboxes and Containers

25 products
Reuse lunchboxes and containers made from more people and earth-friendly materials.
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Mouth Care

34 products
Innovative dental and mouth care products that aim to be plastic free, compostable or better for us and the Earth.
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Offset Carbon and Plant a Tree

2 products
At Urban Revolution we wholeheartedly believe that the future of our Planet depends on returning carbon to the soil to offset the carbon emissions...
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Personal Care

201 products
Personal Care products that are made from anti-bacterial natural fibres, wood and other materials or ingredients that are a better choice for us...
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Pest Management

20 products
Pest management methods and tools that are kind to us, our soil and the planet.
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15 products
Better choice fur baby products that provide health benefits to them and the earth.
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Pots, Flats and Trugs

34 products
Pots to successfully grow herbs, veggies and fruit, and predominantly made from compostable materials. Flats to easily germinate seeds and maintain seedlings. Trugs for easy...
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Reusable Shopping Bags

35 products
An innovative and practical range of reusable bags to meet our shopping and storage needs and eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags.
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22 products
Have a look through our products on sale and grab a bargain!!
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Seeds and Growing Kits - Bring Your Garden to Life

48 products
A comprehensive range of seeds for growing veggies, herbs, micro greens and integrated pest management plants.  Quality seed garlic and seed potatoes are seasonally...
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Soil Health Inputs

22 products
Soil additives made in WA to maintain, increase microbial life and nutrition, protect, feed, and condition soil to successfully grow food and healthy plants.
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Specific Cleaning

28 products
Cleaning products used for specific household cleaning jobs.
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Stationery and Celebrations

38 products
Earth friendly stationery and items for celebratory occasions that are made from compostable materials.
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78 products
Everyday tableware items used to eat and serve food in various occasions including the dining table, camping, meetings and celebrations. Made from earth friendly and compostable materials....
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Trellis, Brackets and Decoration

19 products
Trellis structures, brackets and trivets to create garden structures for a growing garden.  Unique weather vanes and other useful decorations.
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75 products
From vegan cheese kits to dental floss & body brushes, check out out our extensive collection of vegan friendly products.
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