Gourmet Seed Potatoes, from Bathgate Farm

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Gourmet Seed Potatoes:

Nothing beats the flavour of home grown potatoes! Choose from our range of certified disease-free seed potatoes to find the best varieties for your climate and preferred cooking method.

Potatoes can be grown in the ground, in pots, or in potato grow bags, making them a great choice no matter how much growing room you have.

If you are growing seed potatoes in potato grow bags, this 1kg bag of seed potatoes will require 2-3 grow bags to allow sufficient growing space for an optimal harvest.

Autumn is a great time to plant potatoes here in Perth, and new stocks of our seed potatoes usually arrive in store then. Available varieties vary from year to year, depending on what's growing well at Bathgate Farm.

Certified Seed Potatoes from Bathgate Farm

When buying potatoes for planting it is best to buy from certified growers, who guarantee that their potato "seed" is disease-free and true to variety.  Beware of using potatoes from the supermarket or any other non-certified source as they have often been treated to prevent sprouting and may well bring disease into your garden.

Starting with quality seedis the essence of a successful potato crop.

Our certified seed  potatoes are lovingly grown by Andrew and Jocelyn Bathgate, from Bathgate Farm near Albany on the south coast of Western Australia. Andrew and Jocelyn grow potatoes, vegetables and salad crops for local restaurants and farmers markets, andspecialise in unconventional varieties chosen for their flavour and cooking qualities. 

Do have a look at our Blog Post for more information on choosing and growing potatoes.

Read this article on Everything You Need To Know About Growing Potatoes for more information.

*** Due to quarantine restrictions we are unable to send potatoes to Tasmania or South Australia***

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