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Gedyes Compost Bin (150 litre) - Large Item

Local Pickup - Perth Metro Store

Gedyes Compost Bin (150 litre):

Due to it's size, this item is only available from our Perth store as a click and collect order. Sorry we cannot ship this item interstate.*  Please fill in the form if you have any queries.

A sturdy but light weight standing compost bin, ideal for converting kitchen and garden waste into nutrient-rich compost. Corrugated sides increase the surface area for more efficient composting, while the solid, lockable lid and carefully designed aeration holes make this bin virtually vermin-proof if installed correctly.

Fast, efficient composting requires ample oxygen. While compost can of course be turned and aerated using a garden fork, the Compost Aerator or the Compost Mate make this job so much easier!

Shipping Request

Due to the shipping cost, this product can only be ordered online as a Click & Collect order for pickup in our Perth retail store in Victoria Park.

If you would like to have this product shipped to you, please submit your name, postcode, and relevant details to receive an emailed response from our team.

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More Details

How to Use the Gedyes Compost Bin:

When used as a hot composting bay simply load the bin with alternate layers of green and brown composting materials, aerate regularly, add water if necessary, and empty when all materials have broken down into rich, sweet-smelling compost.

Alternatively, use the Gedyes Compost Bin to supply nutrients to fruit trees by placing it within the dripline and regularly adding compostable kitchen scraps and garden waste.

For microbially-rich compost, fermented kitchen scraps from Bokashi system can be added to a Gedyes Compost bin. Bokashi-treated food waste will then lose its acidity and completely break down into nutrient rich soil - an ideal solution for people who don't want to bury their bokashi waste directly into a garden bed.

For excellent and detailed information on how to use the Gedyes Composting Bin and other composting methods, see our very own Urban Revolution Guide to Composting.

Made in Australia.

12 year warranty.



  • capacity 150 litres
  • height 76 cm
  • diameter 65 cm
  • ideal for smaller gardens and courtyards


  • 100% UV protected recycled plastic

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