4-in-1 pH Tester, for Worm Farms and Compost Bins
4-in-1 pH Tester, for Worm Farms and Compost Bins: Create and maintain optimal conditions within your worm farm or compost bin with the aid of this excellent device from Tumbleweed. The battery-powered 4-in-1 pH Tester measures pH, moisture, temperature and...
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Compost Aerator, from Tumbleweed
Compost Aerator: A sturdy, lightweight, easy to use tool with an ergonomically designed handle, the Compost Aerator from Tumbleweed helps create nutrient-rich compost quickly and (almost!) effortlessly.  Why use a Compost Aerator? With just a few minutes of light work...
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Compost Mate - Mix and Aerate Compost
RELN Garden Compost Mate The RELN Garden Compost Mate™ is the clean, convenient and effective way to operate your compost bin – and it's so much easier than using a pitch fork! It is made from powder coated steel. With...
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Gedyes Compost Bin (400 litre)
Gedyes Compost Bin (400 litre): *Due to it's size, this item is only available from our Perth store as a click and collect order. Sorry we cannot ship this item interstate.*  Not eligible for our free shipping offer. A sturdy...
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Large Compost Blanket
Tumbleweed Compost Blanket Makes your compost bin more productive. Tumbleweed's Compost Blankets increase activity in your compost bin. Thicker than a hessian bag, made from breathable 100% natural fibres, and with a convenient handle, our Compost Blankets create the dark,...
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The Worm Buffet - In Ground Worm Farm, from Tumbleweed
Worm Buffet or Worm Tower Composting System Reduce your carbon footprint by composting food waste at home in this Worm Buffet In Ground Worm Farm, from Tumbleweed. Worms deliver nutrients directly into the surrounding soil, aerating and enriching it, so...
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Tumbleweed Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner
Reln Garden Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner Reln Garden Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner helps neutralise acidity and balance the pH levels in your worm farm or compost bin. This means your worms can digest larger quantities of food waste...
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Worm Blanket - Jute Fibre
Reln Garden Worm Blankets have been designed to encourage efficient worm farming by creating the dark, moist, aerated environment that compost worms thrive in. Made from breathable 100% natural fibres in the ideal thickness to retain moisture. The Worm Blankets also...
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Worm Café Complete Worm Farm
Reln Garden’s Worm Café®: The ultimate worm farm for indoor or outdoor use. With a sleek new design and clever features, the Worm Café® turns organic waste into rich worm castings and worm tea with no mess. You’ll find your...
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Worm Farm Bedding Coir Block
This worm farm bedding block is made from 100% natural coconut fibre and will expand up to 10 times its original size in water. It creates an ideal bedding to start-up your worm farm. The coconut fibre contains no chemicals or salts and worms love...
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