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The Urban Revolution Composting Guide Book

How to compost in an Urban environment! 

Urban Revolution is committed to help people put our planet first through education. We are passionate about teaching people to compost as it is the single most important individual action we can all take to eliminate greenhouse gases created by our food waste, by saving it from landfill and using it to create rich and vibrant soil full of diverse life that is prime for growing your own nutritious food at home.

This detailed and informative guide book is written by Jo Bussell and the team at Urban Revolution with our combined knowledge of urban composting and the different methods available to us. There are step by step guides, top tips and frequently asked questions about a range of composting methods.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to compost using the various options and choose the best composting system for your unique situation at home, for a school or a business.
  • Learn about the Bokashi system, worm farms, worm towers, how to compost pet waste, hot and cold composting methods and how to run multiple systems together.
  • Find out why composting is one of the solutions you can action to live more lightly on our planet, help reverse climate change and create nutrient rich soil for a thriving environment.

The Urban Composting Options Workshop

This book is the companion to our popular Urban Composting Workshop. 

This workshop runs through all the composting options in depth and is interactive so that we can tailor a compost system for your property. Bookings are available online.


Customer Reviews

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Composting booklet

Really useful overview of key approaches to successful composting. A great follow up to the fabulous composting workshop. Thanks Jo and team 😊


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