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Potato Grow Bag - 40 x 55cm

This potato grow bag is a great way to grow 4-6 seed potatoes or other deep-rooted vegetables in a small space. It has a resealable window for easy harvesting of new potatoes. 

Potato Grow Bag Features and Dimensions:

The bag has a 40cm diameter and is 55cm in height with strong webbing handles.  It is made from woven UV-protected polyethylene which allows roots to breathe.

How to Grow Potatoes in a Potato Bag: 

See this article on The Fail-Safe Way to Grow Potatoes (Growing Potatoes in a Bag) for a video tutorial.

Fill the bottom of the bag with 10 - 15 cm of 1:1 straw and compost mix

Place 4-6 seed potatoes on top and add another 10cm of the soil mix to cover the top of the tubers. 

Keep the soil mix moist and place in a sunny position. As the tubers sprout, the green shoots will emerge from the soil.

Periodically add the soil mix to cover these shoots leaving only the tips exposed. 

Once the soil is at the top of the bag, allow the plants to flower. 

From this stage, you can begin to harvest new potatoes from the resealable window. 

Once the plant has died back, you can empty the bag and yield the full rewards.

A 1kg bag of seed potatoes is enough to fill 2-3 potato grow bags.

Australian Stock Available

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Testcase 15
Not sure about drainage yet

It was easy & quick to place my order online. The product arrived quite quickly, only about a week. The bag appears sturdy, has handles which enable easy moving plus it has the Velcro window to remove them later. Ticks for all of these things. I’ve planted potatoes in it . However I am concerned because essentially this is just a big strong plastic bag with no holes in it. I’m concerned because no holes means no allowance for drainage or aeration. I can imagine that I will have to be careful not to overwater as my potatoes or other plants could end up being waterlogged and rotting because of that. I have bought 3 of these bags . I am going to make holes in one and compare the growth of potatoes in one with holes and one without !

Hi Linda, thank you for your review. Although this is made from plastic it is made from a weaved material so there should be no issues with drainage. We hope you have an abundant potato harvest!

Damien Quirk
Great Product

sturdy and easy to handle .the rowing instructions were a bonus

Best potato growing bag

Great product. Much larger than other potato bags.

Bruce Leyland-Morris
Great quality

Great quality easy to use product. Looking forward to the abundant results

Graeme Donald
potato grow bag

Received Tues 31May 2022, planted potatoes the following day. so easy


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