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Castile Liquid Soap Refill

Available In-Store Only

Castile Natural Liquid Soap:

Castile Soap is a light, surfactant-free, natural liquid soap base that can be used for hair, body or even as a laundry detergent. It is kind to the environment and gentle on the skin for babies, eczema sufferers, the elderly and everyone in between. It is vegetable derived with all the moisturising benefits of Organic Coconut and Olive oils. It is unscented and can either be simply used as is or you can add your own blend of essential oils. It can also be thickened easily by adding a small amount of salt dissolved into warm water.

To make things simple this product is sold by weight: 2c per gram ($2.00/100g).


  • Aqua
  • Potassium Oleate*
  • Potassium Cocoate**
  • Potassium Olivate**
  • Glycerine***
  • Potassium Citrate

All are derived from oils of organic origin. * Vegetable Source. **Derived from Fair Trade Coconut Oil. ***Australian sourced Organic Olive Oil.

More Details


Eco-friendly Dish Soap

You will need:

450ml Boiled water
1.5 tablespoons Sodium Carbonate (Washing Soda)
150ml Castile Liquid Soap

15 drops of essential oils of choice - we love grapefruit!
A bottle with a pump lid.

Mix together washing soda and hot water in a heatproof bowl until it has completely dissolved. Stir in Castile soap and glycerine. Then mix in essential oils until combined. Use a funnel to pour mixture into your bottle while it is still warm as it will thicken and become gel-like once it is cool. If it is too thick you can add a little more water. For sensitive skin you can even add a tablespoon of aloe vera gel or glycerine to help make it gentler on your hands.

Zingy Shower Gel

This zingy shower gel will help restore and revive a tired body and mind with this simple combination of Castile soap and essential oils with natural antiviral, antibacterial properties.

You will need:

1L Castile Soap in a 1L Bottle with Pump Lid

Into the bottle add 7ml Lime Essential Oil, 2 ml Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil, 2ml Peppermint Essential Oil and 1ml Basil Essential Oil. Replace the lid and give it a thorough shake and it is ready to go.

Made In Australia

Bulk Refill Product - Available in our Perth Eco Store only - not available for shipping.

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