Treerings Natural Fertiliser Rings

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Natural Fertiliser Rings

Tree rings are an innovative new natural fertilising concept. Each "Treering" is made up of locally sourced recycled organic waste materials and is designed to retain moisture and save on watering. They provide precision fertiliser placement, optimising the nutrition of trees/shrubs to enhance their growth and stimulate flowering.

When to use the Natural Fertiliser Tree Ring

Treerings are perfect for new plantings, sustaining trees, plants and shrubs and providing annual nutrition. They can be safely used in the garden, around tree plantings or road side plantings. They can even be used for trees in pots (just be sure the tree rings don’t directly touch the tree itself).

Natural Nutrients and Ingredients

​Treerings are enriched with a custom blend of nutrients and trace elements for plants, trees and shrubs, promoting vigorous growth and assisting to improve the soil.

Treerings are made from recycled paper and horse manure, with a unique blend of natural nutrients.

How Treerings Natural Fertiliser Rings work

Its compact design allows a Treering to slowly breakdown into the soil – meaning you only need to fertilise your garden once per year! Place one Treering around a tree or shrub and it provides the correct level of plant food for 12 months in the form of nitrates, slow release fertilisers and trace elements.

The compact structure encourages water retention; releasing water slowly and directly to the plant, meaning you keep the water where it's needed most! 

Made in Perth, Western Australia

Treerings Benefits:

  • Light & super easy to install

  • No smell

  • Last up to 12 months

  • Reduces the need for watering

  • Breaks down into the soil naturally

  • Focuses the nutrients at the plant base

  • Prevents over-spray, under-spray or run off to water sources

  • Turns common waste materials into a new purpose



Treerings Ingredients


Major Nutrients:

Total Nitrogen (N) 10.5 kg/t
Total Phosphorus (P) 5.4 kg/t
Total Potassium (K) 8.0 kg/t
Total Sulphur (S) 9.4 kg/t

Total Cations:

Total Calcium (Ca) 1.58%
Total Magnesium (Mg) 0.223%
Total Sodium (Na) 0.418%

Trace Minerals:

Total Copper (Cu) 47.2 ppm
Total Zinc (Zn) 99.8 ppm
Total Iron (Fe) 2070 ppm
Total Manganese (Mn) 155 ppm
Total Cobalt (Co) 1.08 ppm
Total Molybdenum (Mo) 0.795 ppm
Total Boron (B) 15.6 ppm

Carbon Content:

Total Organic Matter 53.2%
Total Organic Carbon (C) 26.6%

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