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Woven Fitted Fruit Tree Exclusion Net - 2.4m Diameter x 2.8m High

Fruit Tree Insect and Bird Exclusion Net

A formed and fitted pest control net for covering fruit trees and and protecting their fruit from birds and insects.

This fruit tree netting is suitable for a range of fruit trees including citrus trees, apple trees, cherry trees, plum trees and mulberry trees.

Fruit Net Features:

  • White UV stabilised fruit tree net (2mm, 45gsm)
  • Excludes birds like parrots and most flying insects, including Cabbage Moth, Fruit Fly and Codling Moth
  • The mesh size of 2mm will also protect against fruit fly
  • With a 20% shade factor this fruit tree netting will also reduce sun damage to your fruit trees

Fruit New Dimensions:

  • Cylindrical fruit tree exclusion net
  • 2.4m in diameter with sides of 2.89m high
  • The sides overlap by 600mm to form a door, for easy installation and access.

How to Install a Fruit Tree Net

For ease of installation, ensure the tree is kept well pruned.

The fruit tree net should be installed early in the season when fruit is forming.

It may also be beneficial to install a fruit tree net before the height of Summer as the netting offers some shade protection for the tree.

To install this fruit tree net, simply drape over the tree and secure around the trunk to prevent birds or insects from getting inside the fruit tree netting.

Note: Installed correctly, this fruit tree net will not injure birds, possums and flying foxes - it complies with Victoria's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTA) as the mesh size is less than 5mm at full stretch.


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Felix MacNeill
Very Nice

A really good product at a fair price


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