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Soap Berries In Bulk - Instore Only

Available In-Store Only

Bulk Organic Soap Berries

Come in store and fill your own container with Soap Nuts - $5.00 per 100g (100g minimum)

Laundry and cleaning become sustainable and Earth-friendly with Organic Soapberries - the natural, zero-waste and plastic-free alternative to conventional laundry detergents, with so many other uses around the home! 

Use soapberries in the laundry just as they are, or use them to make laundry liquid, hand wash, surface cleaner, general purpose cleaner and even dog wash.

Where do Soap Berries Come From?

Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) are a 100% natural cleaner that grow wild in the Himalayas and have been used for centuries in India, China and Nepal. They’re on supermarket shelves in Europe and cheaper than chemical alternatives. They come direct from India. 

How do Soap Berries Clean?

Soap Berries come from the Sapindus mukorossi tree which provides the largest fruit with a high content of ‘saponin’ compared to other members of its botanical family.

This tree synthesises saponin in the shell that coats the fruit.  Saponin has detergent qualities and foams when agitated with water. When the fruit ripen and fall from the tree, the seeds are removed and the outer shell remains and is the Soap Berry.

More Details

Certified Organic Information:

These soap berries are certified organic by USDA; one of the world's leading certification organisations. Their conditions are strict and inspections are frequent to ensure the best standards and conditions are met by the growers, harvesters and packers.

How to Use Soapberries in a Washing Machine:

    • Put 4 or 5 soapberries in the cotton wash bag provided, be sure to tie the bag closed carefully, and add the bag to your load of laundry.

    • For added fragrance, add 4-5 drops of 100% Essential Oil - try our gorgeous Laundry Tonic!

    • Reuse up to 4 times.

    • For best results, use soapberries to launder your most soiled garments first and leave you least soiled items for the final reuse of the berries.

    • Once the cycle has finished be sure to remove the wet bag of berries from the machine. Do not leave the bag in direct contact with fabrics (particularly light colours) for a prolonged period of time.

    End of Life:

    Once the berries have expired they will lose their structure and feel broken and brittle (like dried leaves). You can then throw them in you compost or on your garden to break down naturally. 


      • Hypoallergenic
      • Minimal natural fragrance
      • Biodegradable
      • Vegan
      • Chemical Free
      • Compostable
      • Waste Free

      Supplied by That Red House - an Australian Owned Company.


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      Customer Reviews

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      Peg Davies
      Great to be able to take as many as needed

      Always use them so need them constantly. Getting bulk makes it so much simpler


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