NutraRich - Straw Mulch - 25L - Large Item

Mulch is an essential component of any healthy, productive garden, helping to hold moisture in the soil, protect soil biology and provide nutrients as it breaks down. 

NutraRich Straw Mulch includes partially composted straw and chicken manure and is perfect for nutrient-hungry plants. Use it to hold moisture in the soil over summer, then work it into garden beds to condition the soil and feed soil life in autumn.

Why use NutraRich Straw Mulch?

  • Retains moisture.
  • Leaches nutrients into soil during irrigation. 
  • Acts as a soil conditioner.
  • Naturally organic.
  • Produced in Western Australia.


25 Litres

About NutraRich

With over five generations of farming history within their family, Barry and Jason Chittleborough established NutraRich in 2005. Production is based in Brookton, Western Australia where waste is sourced from the local agricultural community and through waste streams throughout regional Western Australia. Additionally, Nutrarich recycles up to 300,000 household waste in Perth via the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC). NutraRich endeavours to source materials that complement the intended compost ‘end’ product while simultaneously ensuring logistic costs are kept to a minimum.


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