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NutraRich - Potting Mix - 25L - Large Item

Local Pickup - Perth Metro Store

A light, moisture retentive potting mix with natural, organic fertiliser included, NutraRich Potting Mix covers all your general gardening needs.

NutraRich Potting Mixis made in WA from clean, recycled organic waste and cured at high temperatures to eliminate weeds and pathogens. It contains no human waste or effluent. 

Why use NutraRich Potting Mix?

The humus material contained in NutraRich Potting Mix will activate microbial activity in your existing soil, increasing its nutrient levels in a natural manner. The NPK value of NutraRich Potting Mix will provide your plants with immediate nutrient supplements for strength and growth, healthy green foliage and abundant flowering. 

Made from a compost base which includes free range chicken manure, NutraRich Potting Mix will also absorb moisture, holding it near the root zone and reducing the need for wetting agents. This will encourage healthy plant growth while saving water and protecting our water sources and our rivers.

  • Completely organic.
  • General purpose use.
  • Light weight.
  • Moisture retentive.
  • Natural organic fertiliser.
  • Materials sourced and produced locally in Perth.
  • Ideal for fruit trees, roses and garden beds.

Is NutraRich Potting Mix Vegan?

This product does not contain blood and bone or fish derivatives. The compost base is made from chicken manure which is sourced from a free range chicken farm.



25 Litres

Health Information:

This potting mix is made from natural materials which could include a variety of living microorganisms such as fungi, protozoa and bacteria like legionella on occasion. Inhalation can in rare instances cause respiratory problems or allergies. We recommend using a dust mask when handling dry potting mix and always wash your hands after use. If any unexplained illness occurs after gardening such as a cough or fever, always seek medical advice.



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    About NutraRich

    With over five generations of farming history within their family, Barry and Jason Chittleborough established NutraRich in 2005. Production is based in Brookton, Western Australia, where waste is sourced from the local agricultural community and from waste streams throughout regional Western Australia. Additionally, Nutrarich recycles waste from up to 300,000 households in Perth. NutraRich endeavours to source materials that complement the intended compost ‘end’ product while simultaneously ensuring logistic costs are kept to a minimum.


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