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Fifoam Lavender Liquid Soap Concentrate - Refill

Available In-Store Only

Sustainable Australian Liquid Soap

Fifoam is an Australian made sustainable soap produced from organic waste that is otherwise destined for landfill. This lightly lavender-scented foaming liquid soap is produced in Albany, WA from Australian oil. The oil is Saponified Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) oil which is highly moisturising.

A New Sustainable Way to Make Soap:

Today, most of the soap we use is not sustainable. Natural resources like Palm oil are lost down the drain with each use - Palm oil is obtained by clearing tropical forests. While these soaps enable us to wash dirt away, our use of palm oil based soaps, also entails wasting it. We are essentially washing away the resources (ie the rainforest) used for its production, down the drain.

There is now an eco-friendly solution to replace Palm oil in soap, and it uses the organic matter we commonly throw in the bin and send to landfill. Australia alone generates millions of tons of organic waste each year, damaging the environment and releasing harmful methane into the atmosphere.

The Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) is an insect that can be farmed to convert organic waste to useful resources at an industrial level and using its protein and oil to make liquid soaps is a viable, sustainable option in the manufacture of soap products. An innovative West Australian based manufacturer is making such soaps, made from Local 100% Australian oil. This oil also yields highly moisturising soap. As a result, resources that would otherwise go to waste are now part of a circular economy. This is why Fifoam soap is a game changer.

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More Details

Directions for Use:

A ratio of 1:3 soap-to-water is suitable in a Foaming Pump dispenser for both hand-washing and general use. A hint of lavender aroma is included by a small amount of Lavender essential oil.

To make things simple this product is sold by weight: 4c per gram ($4.00/100g).

Therefore 100g of soap concentrate will make about 400ml of diluted liquid soap.

Sustainable Liquid Soap Ingredients:

Aqua, Saponified Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) oil, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium lactate, Lavender essential oil.

About the Australian Manufacturer

Fifoam is owned and made in Western Australia by Sea Dragon Botanicals. Jasper Trendall is the owner and Managing Director of the family company, established in 1995. Based in Albany on the South Coast of WA, Sea Dragon Botanicals is a private label manufacturer of soap and skincare. They use specialised skills and equipment to make unique, natural products. They appreciate how important our environment is and understand how easy it is to become detached from the planet.
Sea Dragon Botanicals use Black Soldier Fly Oil produced in Perth by Future Green Solutions. Their innovative technology, developed over ten years of research and development, upcycles low value organic waste into high value products using the humble Black Soldier Fly.

Bulk Refill Product - Available in our Perth Eco Store only - not available for shipping.

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Plastic Foamer Bottle (200ml)

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