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Fair Trade Olla Pots

Local Pickup - Perth Metro Store

What is an Olla Pot?

Please note that due to its high volumetric shipping weight, the olla pots are available for in store purchase or Click n Collect ONLY from our Perth store. This item is too large to be shipped via Australia Post.  If you really, really want it please fill in the form for a custom courier quote. Sorry this item is NOT eligible for the free shipping offer as part of an order over $200. 

Olla pots are an irrigation system used in gardening that have been utilised for centuries.

Olla, a Spanish word for pot, is an ancient practice of burying unglazed "low fired" clay pots near plants to gradually release water into the soil right at the root zone. This method of irrigation provides a slow and efficient means of watering your plants.

Olla Pots work best with plants whose roots are string- or fiber-like, such as corn, herbs, beans, fruit trees, and shrubs. Although other plants may also be suitable, plants with tap roots like carrots and beetroot are not recommended.

Ancient Technique for a Modern Drying Climate.

Olla pots are a vital tool for water conservation, especially in dry climates. This sustainable method of irrigation helps maintain healthy gardens and can be used in both traditional and modern gardening practices.

The efficacy of Olla pots relies on variables such as soil type, climate, and your plants' specific watering requirements. Test it out and witness the results!

Size: 3L

Shipping Request

Due to the shipping cost, this product can only be ordered online as a Click & Collect order for pickup in our Perth retail store in Victoria Park.

If you would like to have this product shipped to you, please submit your name, postcode, and relevant details to receive an emailed response from our team.

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More Details

How does an Olla Pot work?

1. Bury the Olla Pot- Dig a hole and place the unglazed clay pot in it, with the opening above the ground to allow for refilling. The porous structure of the clay will enable the water to gradually seep out into the soil. 

2. Choose Your Plants - Olla pots are especially beneficial for plants requiring sustained moisture levels like veggies, herbs, and select blossoms.

3. Efficiency- Olla irrigation is a highly effective technique, reducing water loss from evaporation or runoff. The system also minimises the risk of overwatering, with plants gaining access to water as needed.

4. Slow Watering - As the surrounding soil dries, water from the Olla Pot is drawn into the root zone of the plants, providing a regular supply of moisture and cutting down on manual watering.

Olla Pot Size and Dimensions:

These Olla Pots are available in either 2.5L or 3.5L capacity (approximate volumes).

Approx. 2.5 Litres - 27cm High x 15cm Wide

Approx. 3 Litres - 30cm Hight x 17cm Wide

Made by Fair Trade Artisans in Bangladesh.

Please note that as these pots are handmade, each pot will be slightly unique and as such, all measurements are approximate and may vary slightly between pots.


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