How To Recycle Different Types Of Lids (Cans, Bottles, Jars, Beer Bottles, Champagne Twists, etc.)


We had someone ask a great question in the store recently: what to do with metal lids from cans, jars and bottles? Here's the answer for anyone wondering the same thing! 

1. Remove Plastic Linings

Make sure to remove any plastic lining from a metal lid. You can do this with bottle tops by cutting them in half with sharp scissors and peeling out the plastic insert, which needs to go to landfill. This applies to many different bottle lids, from beer bottle lids to oil and wine bottle lids.

2. Aluminium Lids

Any aluminium lids (e.g. wine/kombucha/soft drink bottle lids and champagne twists) can be folded and put into an aluminium can (e.g. soft drink/beer can) to be recycled in your yellow-top bin. Be sure to fold the can so the lids don’t fall out. You can also wrap aluminium bits and pieces into your aluminium foil ball, which has to be at least the size of your fist before recycling.

3. Steel Lids

Any steel lids (e.g. some jar lids, beer bottle lids, food can lids) can instead go inside a steel food can, folded so they don’t fall out, and put in your yellow-top recycling bin.


How to recycle metal lids

4. How To Tell The Difference Between Aluminium & Steel

To check what type of metal your lid is, use a magnet. The magnet will stick to steel but not aluminium.

Taking the time to make sure you're recycling properly makes the process so much smoother and less wastefull, so thank you for taking the time to learn how to recycle your metal lids properly. Happy recycling!

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