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We love encouraging our local community to be more environmentally responsible and hope that we can all enjoy doing the right thing with our waste!

Eliminating excess waste all together is the priority, but we understand that in today’s world it’s extremely difficult to become 100% zero waste.

Recycling can very quickly become a confusing and daunting thing when you start trying to figure out the "right" way to recycle as much of your waste as possible. We hope that this recycling guide helps our local community figure out the ins and outs of recycling in Perth.

With all of these recycling avenues, it is important that all items are clean and dry (for example, wash any item that has been in contact with food as unwashed items cause contamination and can pose a health risk to recycling workers).


What Can Be Recycled In Your Curbside Yellow-Top Bin

Recycling guide

Image from PerthNow

Different local councils follow different recycling programs in Perth; we have some suburbs with a two-bin system and some with a three-bin system (i.e. some areas now have access to a third organic waste bin collection). Whichever system your area has, the following list covers what CAN be accepted through most recycling (yellow-top) bin curbside collections.

  • Hard plastic bottles & containers
  • Steel & aluminium cans
  • Aluminium foil scrunched into a fist-sized ball
  • Cardboard & paper (not shredded, compacted boxes, and no grease)
  • Glass jars & bottles (lids removed)
  • Find out what to do with jar lids, bottle lids, and other lids in this article


What To Do With Soft Plastics

How to Redcycle

Image from REDcycle

If you're not already collecting your soft plastics separately at home, start now! Any plastic that you can scrunch easily in your hand (including plastic bags, bread bags, chip packets, and other soft packaging) can be dropped off at a local REDcycle bin outside Coles and Woolworths stores. 

This awesome Australian program takes the nation's soft plastics and turns them into a wide range of recycled-plastic products; from fitness circuits to sturdy outdoor furniture, bollards, signage and more.

There are some items that REDcycle cannot take, including adhesive tape, balloons, compostable plastics, drinking straws, and cling film so check their 'What To REDcycle' page if you're unsure. 

Click here to find a REDcycle drop-off near you.


How To Recycle Through Greenbatch

Greenbatch recycling

Image from Greenbatch

Greenbatch is WA's first plastic sorting and recycling facility. It is currently entirely volunteer run and the most reliable way to make sure your waste is actually getting recycled properly. They collect waste through their Schools Program, at large WA events like music festivals (look out for their purple bins), and at their Public Drop-Off Days which are on the first Saturday of every month.

These are the items you can collect to take to Greenbatch to be properly recycled:

  • Any hard plastics types 1 (PET) or 2 (HDPE) including plastic bottles, milk cartons, trays, and containers
  • Plastic bottle lids & bread tags
  • Aluminium cans
  • Glass bottles 
  • Mobile phones

Follow Greenbatch on Facebook to keep up-to-date with their collections. 


What We Collect At Urban Revolution For Recycling

Urban Revolution recycling station

We have a community Recycling Station out the front of our store that we send to TerraCycle to be recycled properly. Here is a list of what can be dropped off at our Vic Park store in Perth:

  • Plastic bread tags
  • Tablet blister packs
  • Dish and air care waste (any brand of dishwashing or air freshening products including bottles/aerosols/spray bottles/dishwasher tablet packaging/air fresheners & refills)
  • Oral care (any oral care product or packaging except electric toothbrush bases)
  • Writing instruments (any brand of pen, felt tip, highlighter, marker, empty correction fluid pot, correction tape, mechanical pencil and eraser pen. NO wooden pencils, crayons, and chalk)

The TerraCycle Australia website is a great resource for finding other TerraCycle collection points near you.

We also have an Abundance Basket at our Vic Park store for community sharing of resources and fresh produce. Find out more here.


Where To Take Other Hard-To-Recycle Items


Where To Recycle

Hard plastics types 1, 2, 4, or 5 Precious Plastics at the Vic Park Farmers Markets
Styrophoam (expanded polystyrene) CLAW Environmental Welshpool
Metal SIMS Metal Management Welshpool
Electronics, ink cartridges Total Green Recycling, Officeworks
Batteries Aldi, Battery World, SUEZ


Use These Resources To Find Other Drop-Off Points:

Search Planet Ark's 'Recycling Near You' database to find where to take hard-to-recycle materials:

Search for TerraCycle Public Collection points near you:

Search Recycle Right's A to Z recycling guide if you're unsure about a certain item:


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