Sodium Percarbonate - Fill Your Own Container

Sodium Percarbonate:

A key ingredient in many eco-friendly cleaning products, Sodium Percarbonate (or oxygen bleach) is safer for you and for the environment than conventional products containing chlorine bleach.

When mixed with water, Sodium Percarbonate releases oxygen and lifts stains from whatever you are cleaning. Sodium Percarbonate breaks down to form natural soda ash (or washing soda), which also removes dirt and grease and softens hard water. So Sodium Percarbonate is a safe, effective, biodegradable cleaner.

Buy as much or as little as you need and reduce the amount of plastic entering your home when you fill your own container instore. Available instore only.

  • non-toxic to animals, plants and humans
  • leaves no harmful byproducts 
  • free from chlorine, fillers and fragrances
  • safe for use with coloured fabrics, although a patch test is recommended
  • not suitable for use with delicate fabrics like wool and silk
  • can be mixed or used with other household cleaners
  • safe for septic systems
  • not suitable for greywater systems due to high salt content


  • boost the cleaning power of soapberries
  • make your own washing powder
  • dissolve in water for a pre-wash laundry soaker or stain remover
  • dissolve in hot water to make a mould remover
  • mix into a paste to make a grout cleaner
  • dissolve in hot or cold water to make a general household cleaner

Priced at $1.00 per 100 grams. 

Available instore only. If shopping online, consider choosing MiEco Oxygen Bleach.


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