VIDEO: The Fail-Safe Way To Grow Potatoes (Growing Potatoes In Bags)


Potato plants starting to grow from a potato grow bag Potato plants growing out of a potato grow bag Diagram of potato grow bags with harvesting flap

Learn the easiest way to grow potatoes at home in this video where Alana from the Vic Park Community Centre interviews Jo from Urban Revolution on back-yard potato growing.

You can find everything you need on our Vic Park or online store, including certified disease-free seed potatoes, potato grow bags, straw mulch, mature compost, harvesting scoops and potato brushes.

Seed potatoes and potato grow bags in a wooden trug Metal potato harvesting scoop endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society Natural vegetable brush with potatoes

Learn more ways to grow potatoes, as well as how to harvest and store potatoes in this article on Everything You Need To Know About Growing Potatoes.

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