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How To Use A Wooden Butter Mould

Butter moulds are a simple and easy way to turn your butter into either a generic size and shape to fit butter dishes or into a beautiful addition to the table at any special meal with friends and family.

We stock small and large wooden butter moulds in our Perth and Online Eco Store. Sally from Urban Revolution loved trying them out at home and found them easy to use. Here are our top tips for using our wooden butter moulds.


How to Use a Wooden Butter Mould:

1. Soak the wooden mould in cold (even icy) water for 30 minutes prior to using it. This will prevent the butter from sticking to the mould when it's time to come out. While the mould is chilling, leave your butter out to soften.

2. Remove the mould from the cold water and fill it with soft, room temperature butter. We recommend squashing a small amount of butter into the detailed parts of the mould first to avoid air bubbles in the detailed patterns. Once the mould is full, level the bottom.

3. Chill the filled mould in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

4. After chilling, the butter should be firm and will fall out of the mould with some gentle encouragement.

Voila! Beautiful butter ready to serve.


Wooden butter mould small Wooden butter mould small

Wooden butter mould large Wooden butter mould large


These butter moulds also pair well with our wooden butter paddles used to shape and form butter and our gorgeous glass butter dish.

Ribbed wooden butter paddles Glass butter dish

1 Response

Cat Woodson

Cat Woodson

October 08, 2022

Thank-you so much for your article on how to use an antique butter mold. I just got one at a garage sale for $3 and it’s beautiful! It has so much character. I can’t wait to try it out!

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