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Eco Friendly Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great

  • 3 min read

Using aromas is a wonderful way to create a warm and welcoming home, with a relaxing aura. But do you know what's in the home fragrance products you are using, which may be bringing harmful chemical chemicals into your sanctuary?

Scented candles, air purifiers and fresheners are growing in popularity, but the home fragrance industry is coming under scrutiny for a lack of transparency about their ingredients. Dozens of chemicals can be used to provide scent in these products, and the ingredients list will only list them under a general heading of "fragrance". We may be inadvertently exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals and decreasing the air quality in our living spaces.


Candles in dark

Some of the potentially harmful ingredients used in home fragrance products include the skin sensitizing allergen, HICC, and lilial, a floral fragrance linked to sperm damage. Endocrine disrupting chemicals like parabens and phthalates are also commonplace. In addition to this, we should also be concerned about the way that certain aerosol air freshener emissions react with chemicals in the air to create harmful volatile organic compounds like benzene, toluene and formaldehyde.

Natural Cleaning Products

The first way to improve the aroma of your home is to identify and eliminate the sources of bad smells. Take your bins out regularly, and keep food waste separate in a kitchen caddy which is emptied into your compost daily.

Its important to try and break our association with cleanliness and the strong tang of industrial disinfectants or bleach. Chemicals which provide a "clean" smell are actually the opposite of "clean".

Clean regularly with eco friendly products like this natural cleaning bar. Infused with essential oils for a pleasing aroma, they are free from parabens and harmful chemicals. Vinegar is also an excellent natural cleaning product which reduces unpleasant aromas too.

Ethique Kitchen Spray Concentrate Bar, Urban Revolution.

Popular Natural Products for Absorbing Odours

Activated charcoal pouches are highly effective at absorbing moisture and the associated bad smells in cupboards and closets. Try placing one under the kitchen sink or near to pet beds to reduce the unpleasant aromas. Opening windows is another simple and effective way to combat bad smells at home.

IOCO Activated Bamboo Charcoal Absorber 400g Sack - Charcoal

Bicarbonate of sodais effective at absorbing kitchen smells, and is commonly placed in the fridge to reduce associated aromas.

Burning Better Aromas

Every time you burn candles or incense, you produce a limited amount of pollution through the emission of pollutants like nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. The impact of these emissions will depend on a range of variables such as room size and the number of candles. For the cleanest burn, stick to pure beeswax candles which release lower concentrations of contaminants than synthetic fragranced candles as they burn. Carefully trimming the wick before every burn means there is less carbon buildup causing black smoke when the candle is burning.

Simmering smells

Simmer pots are an easy, DIY way to infuse your home with pleasing aromas without resorting to chemicals. Simply add citrus rinds, whole spices or vanilla pods to a pot of simmering water and enjoy the cosy aroma. Use a slow cooker or rice cooker for a longer impact. A range of diffusers are also available to use with natural essential oils.

Pleasant Plant Smells

Fragrant indoor plants provide beauty as well and sweet smells. Consider growing aromatic herbs inside like basil, rosemary or oregano. Flowering houseplants like jasmine or gardenia are also an excellent choice for adding natural aromas to your home. Planting scented flowers near to open windows is also a wonderful idea.


indoor pot plant

What will you do to bring stunning smells into your home this year?


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