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The Essential Ingredients for Soil Nutrition

  • 3 min read

We all know the importance of a balanced diet for ourselves. But your plants crave variety just as much as we do. They're not simply sunbathers – they're sophisticated gourmands requiring a rich smorgasbord of nutrients from the soil.



Like all living things, plants need minerals and nutrients to thrive. These elements are needed for growth, metabolic functioning and the completion of its life cycle.

To add nutrients and minerals to your soil we recommend Nutrient Rock Star. This rock dust fertiliser is a nourishing soil supplement made from volcanic rock dust. Filled with essential nutrients, it is designed to be incorporated into the soil when planting edible crops.


These are the trace elements required to build strength, immunity and resilience.

To add micronutrients to your soil, we recommend Happy Gut Tonic. This seaweed fertiliser brings all the superfood benefits of the sea to your garden. It is ideal for promoting strong root development and reducing plant stress.


Proteins are an essential part of all living organisms, they create structural components of tissue enzymes and antibodies. They are composed of one or more long chains of amino acids. The reason plants need fat is very similar to why we humans need it. It is a denser store of energy. A specific weight of fat will contain more energy than the same weight of carbohydrates. Fats are present as lipids in plants.

To add proteins and fats to your soil, we recommend The Protein Shake. This fish hydrolysate is derived from 100% pure liquid fish concentrate which means it is full of organic nutrients to increase crop yield and promote vigorous plants.



Like all living organisms, plants and microbes require energy in its simplest form so they can grow and carry out basic life functions. Plants produce, store and burn carbohydrates in the form of sugar to provide themselves with energy.

To add carbohydrates to your soil, we recommend Jurassic Juice. Made from potassium humate, Jurassic Juice enables the creation of enhanced soil structure, making it more resilient to dryness and nutrient shortages. This natural organic humus combines with nutrients and minerals in the soil to make them more available to plants.



These are the bones to cellular structure that everyone needs to create the bones of your body, the stronger the better.

To add calcium to your soil we recommend Regenerate Elixir. This premium foliar fertiliser is a blend of biostimulants, amino acids, marine extracts and humate traces that combine to give plants holistic nourishment.


Repairs tissues, regulates systems, and provides essential vitamins and minerals, required to thrive.

To give your plants energy we recommend Growing Goodness. This organic NPK fertiliser gets the soil working and provides nutritious food with a hit of organic nitrogen.


Understanding soil biology and building the connection between soil and plants can be a bit like finding the right key to open the door.

Carbon is the home and the power supply for all microbes which in fact are the guys that make your plants grow.

Growing healthy plants fed with a diverse range of biostimulants will allow you to build soil carbon, resulting in the regeneration of your soil and nature then does the rest.

 We'd love to know what your recipe for success is! Share in the comments or tag us on social media.


With thanks to Soil Dynamics.

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