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Metal Kitchen Food Waste Collection Compost Bin

Colour: Chalk

Bench Top Kitchen Compost Bin:

This kitchen compost bin will aid every environmental lover and composter in their daily kitchen composting routine.

Use it to store food scraps until you can take them outdoors to your outdoor compost bin, worm farm or add to your Bokashi bin.

This kitchen compost bin is made from metal, is stylish and the perfect size that blends in neatly on your kitchen bench and comes in two minimalist colours that will complement any kitchen theme. Simple, elegant and, most importantly, high functional for your kitchen composting needs.

Why Should We Compost?

Not many know that food composting is essential simply because when food and other organic waste end up in landfills they create greenhouse gases of carbon dioxide and methane - both of which end up trapped in our atmosphere and contribute to our warming climate. Composting our food waste is a simple, individual action that we can all do at home to do our part in the fight against climate change as we sequester the carbon in our soil, instead of releasing into the atmosphere. There are also many valuable outputs from composting such as helping to build microbial rich, water holding soil which is essential for those who want to grow nutrient dense food at home. You also can save money by creating your own compost for your garden which will be a thousand times better than anything you will ever buy in a bag.

We love to teach people about the benefits of composting! Find out about our composting workshops here.

Metal Compost Bin Materials and Features:

The outer bin and lid are made from metal. There is an inner removable plastic bucket with a metal handle to take to your composting system and a removable silicone seal on the lid for easy washing.

Care Instructions for your Kitchen Compost Bin:

All parts of the Kitchen Compost Bin can be washed in warm soapy water.

About Heaven in Earth:

Heaven in Earth supplies everyday products and goods that are thoughtfully designed and well-made. Believing in the value of utility and authenticity, they aim to create products that enhance your daily living experience. 

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