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Australian Made Week: Meet Two of Our Aussie Makers

  • 4 min read

Urban Revolution is proud to support the inaugural Australian Made Week initiative this week - 24-30 May 2021.

Now more than ever, it is important that we all take the time to acknowledge, celebrate and support Australia's makers and growers.

A main component of our business purpose here at Urban Revolution is to source and supply local Australian made products first and foremost.

This Australian Made Week, and every week, we would like to give a huge shout out to the makers of our wonderful hyper-local, local and Australian made products who make up a big part of our Urban Revolution Family.

Australian made logo with kangaroo

The Australian Made logo featuring the gold kangaroo in a green triangle is a trusted symbol


Why Buying Australian Made Products is Important

According to Roy Morgan Research, if every household spent an additional $10 a week on Australian Made products, it would inject an extra $5 billion into the economy each year and create up to 11,000 new jobs.

When we buy Australian Made products, we create jobs, now and into the future, and support thousands of Australians throughout the supply chain. After a challenging year for many small businesses, now is the time to focus on supporting genuine Aussie made products.

As a small business, we value and support other small businesses, particularly those trying to make a difference by creating products that are better choices and of benefit to the Earth.

By shopping local, you encourage a healthier local economy, reduce greenhouse gases from imported goods and can be reassured that those manufacturing local products are paid a fair wage in fair working conditions.

Our local makers and suppliers are a hugely valuable part of our Urban Revolution community, and here we celebrate two of them.

Leesa Caldwell - The Greenhouse Organic 

Leesa Caldwell from The Greenhouse

Leesa Caldwell is a fifth generation Aussie born in Subiaco, Perth. She is now based on a five acre organic property in Gabbadah (Moore River), where she grows herbs and plants, and collects the certified organic seeds which we sell at Urban Revolution.

She purchased The Greenhouse about fifteen years ago from an advert in the local paper.  "I had a sportswear manufacturing company, where I made all forms of sportswear, but then the imports from China started becoming popular so I needed to change," explains Leesa.  "I always said that I wanted to make money from growing my plants, so it's funny how the universe works.  I thought about it for about a month and then as the saying goes, the rest is history!"

The Passion Behind this Local Business

Leesa is passionate about herbal health benefits education and she hopes to open up her block in a year or so to host workshops where people can see the herbs growing in their natural environment.

"When I purchased The Greenhouse, I had already started my gardening career.  Being a single mum with not much income, when I purchased my property I went to Murdoch TAFE to learn how to propagate my plants so I could start to fill my property with plants.  I couldn’t afford to buy plants so propagation was the next cheap option," continues Leesa. 

"I only did the modules I needed so I have no certificates in horticulture.  Everything I have learnt over the years is through trial and error.  I have always had a soft place for herbs, and telling people how wonderful they are, so in 2015 I started my journey to become a Naturopath/Herbalist/Nutritionist.  In 2017 I completed my Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy/Western Herbal Medicine/Nutritionist.  I have also completed my Advanced Diploma in skin care formulation where I can teach people how to make their own skincare range like the ones you buy in the shops that cost a squillion for a little tub!"

Leesa has started up a Herbal Folklore Study Group where members study one herb each month and she send emails each week with the uses of the herb which includes recipes for people to try.  "I am writing a number of other online workshops as well, which include propagation, how to blend your own herbal tea blends, herbal manufacturing, skincare manufacturing and so much more."

Did you know?  Before having kids Leesa was a state/Australian Lacrosse player, and recently started playing again after a 20 year break!  Her youngest son is also following in her footsteps and is in the U23 Australian Squad. 

Greenhouse organic product range

View The Greenhouse Organic range of open pollinated heirloom seeds, sprouting seeds and specialised seed packs for chooks.

Tini and Anthony Quinlan - No Frills Fertilisers

Tini and Anthony Quinlan from No Frills Fertilisers

Tini and Anthony Quinlan created No Frills Fertilisers in 2009 to offer premium certified organic fertiliser products to the consumer at affordable prices.

Tini, who arrived in Australia from Germany in 1983, has a background in hospitality management and her Australian husband, Anthony, is an organic agronomist and holds a bachelor of science majoring in geomorphology (the study of rocks). Wow!

Having run a sustainable soil consultancy firm in the southwest for twenty years, Anthony has used his decades of experience combined with ongoing scientific research to produce fertilisers that work effectively to stimulate soil biology resulting in healthy crops with lower costs of organic contributions.

The Passion Behind this Local Business

"Our Mission from the very start has been to bring a range of certified organic products to the market that provide real results and improve soil, plant and human health," explains Tini from their base in Margaret River. "We want to leave behind an enriched & dynamic environment for our future generations. That’s what makes the hard days easier and its what makes us get out of bed on the days we really don’t want to," adds the mum of two.

Did you know? Tini loves dancing and Anthony enjoys winemaking in his spare time.

No Frills Fertilisers range

View the range of No Frills Fertilisers including Seaweed Tonic, Potassium Humate, Coastal Cure, Rock Dust and Hydrofish.

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