5L Waterfall Watering Can

Color: British Racing Green

This Waterfall Watering Can is a 5-litre version of the popular 9-litre Waterfall watering can. It's a delightful tool to use in the garden as it makes hand watering your plants extra fun and efficient.

Made in sturdy galvanized steel and finished with a tough powder-coated finish exterior, the 5L Waterfall Watering Can is able to take on just enough water to keep your plants properly hydrated. 

What's more amazing is that the single-handed design eliminates back twisting, while gravity helps the handle slip gently through the fingers - the emptier the can gets, the more it tips.

And like its 9L waterfall watering can counterpart, it also has a removable rose for fine or rapid watering. 

You will easily find the trademark metal Burgon & Ball seal on the top of the can.

Watering Can Details:

  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Finished with a tough powder coating
  • 5L capacity
  • Removable rose for fine or rapid watering


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