Viva La Body Soap Bar

Viva La Body Soap bars are eco safe and deliver creamy cleansing with every wash. These bars are great for your skin and great for the environment as no plastic bottles are required. Scented with Rose and Geranium Essential Oils. 


Height: 7cm
Width: 7cm
Depth: 2.8cm

About Viva La Body

Viva La Body was established in 1999 by husband and wife team Micko and Jo, based in Darwin, Australia on Larrakia country. They were Australia's first true zero waste (which means no tins, no glass jars or bottles - all packaging can be composted when finished) sustainable beauty brand and have proved that products do not need a bottle or jar to work effectively! 

Environmentally Friendly:

Viva La Body products are ethically manufactured and are Certified Palm oil free and Cruelty Free, Vegan and contain simple ingredients beautifully prepared.

Biodegradable Packaging:

All their products are housed in Compostable Packaging and are totally Plastic free - true Zero Waste.

Natural Personal Care

Viva La Body offer an extensive range of hair, face & body care needs without destroying the earth! Their ingredients have been stringently examined and independently certified by Orangutan Alliance and Choose Cruelty-Free. They are passionate about helping us all make the change to sustainable products that reduce the use of household plastics!  Simple ingredients beautifully prepared!


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