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Veggie Saver - Fresh Produce Storage Bag

Veggie Saver is the new plastic free storage solution for fresh fruit and veggies from the makers of the popular Swag products.

Veggie Saver is scientifically proven to keep your fruit and veggies fresh for two weeks or more in the crisper of your fridge. Made up of three unique layers of non-toxic, unbleached and unseeded cotton, its unique design allows for moisture to be pulled through the outer layers to enhance hydration, while the inner layers promote breathing and reduce ethylene build-up, so fruit and veggies are kept fresh, crisp, and nutrient-dense - for longer.

Veggie Saver is the perfect alternative, plastic-free storage solution, and it is machine washable and 100% compostable.

Before you use your Veggie Saver:

Before using, cool machine wash your Veggie Saver, preferably with a plant-based laundry detergent. Hang to dry in full sun (avoid the dryer as it will shrink!). This critical first step relaxes the fabric and activates its water-absorbing superpowers, so please don't skip it! Before storing the Veggie Saver into your crisper, wipe out your fridge and crisper with white vinegar to remove any nasties.

How to use Veggie Saver:

1. Soak your produce in a sink full of lukewarm water with a splash of white vinegar for 15 minutes to reduce germs and bacteria. Pat dry really well. This step is not required; however, is recommended as best practice.

2. Dampen your Veggie Saver under the tap a little and massage the water into the middle layer, wringing out any excess water. The inside of the bag should be dry in parts and not noticeably wet. Too much dampness is not good for your fruit and veggies. Whenever you start to feel the outer layer dry out then it’s time to reapply water. You don’t have to take all the contents out, just sprinkle it with water from the outside and put it back in your crisper.

3. Place your produce in your Veggie Saver and then into the crisper of your fridge for best results.

4. Machine wash every 2-3 weeks or as needed.

Most fruit and veggies can be mixed together in your Veggie Saver using the instructions above.

Veggie Saver Dimensions:

Width: 39cm x Height: 40cm (flap open)

Veggie Saver Materials:

Made from three unique layers of 100% natural unseeded, unbleached cotton materials, the Veggie Saver is both non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Veggie Saver Care:

Before using, turn inside out and cool-machine wash your Veggie Saver. Dry the bag inside out, in full sun. Make sure your bag is 100% dry before putting it away. Once washed, it will become more absorbent and will be more efficient at keeping your produce fresh. Wash your bag every two weeks and follow the instructions on the care label.

Designed in Australia and manufactured in India.

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