No Sponge, Scourer Sponge

A scouring sponge to help remove dirt and grease and scrub and clean delicate surfaces. One side is a flat piece of rough fabric made from up-cycled coffee bags with the other a softer sponge like side made using waffle fabric and stuffed with fabric offcuts.

Handmade, reusable, machine washable, 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Paula has loved sewing, knitting and crocheting for as long as she can remember. Her most treasured memories are sorting through her mum's button tin as a young girl in the highlands of Scotland and using old fabrics to make clothes for all her dolls and teddies.

Paula has now created her own brand PaulaW and loves working with items other people have discarded or no longer have a need for. Located in Victoria Park, Western Australia, Paula brings new life to these items and still removes buttons and adds them to her treasured button tin.