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Microgreen Growing Mat - 100% Hemp Felt

Amount: Each

Hemp Hydroponic Microgreen Growing Mat

These mats are a fantastic way to grow microgreens. Easy to harvest and cut to container size, they are a great way to reuse plastic trays.

Designed to have the perfect ratio of air and water to allow for optimal root growth, they are also 100% pesticide and synthetic fertiliser free, making them good for you and the planet.

Use each one once, then compost or use to mulch your garden!

How to Use Hemp Microgreen Grow Mats

  1. Fit the mat by cutting or adding mats to cover the bottom of the microgreen growing container.
  2. Dip the mat in water to moisten, do not soak.
  3. Place the mat(s) in the bottom of the container.
  4. Sprinkle seeds over the mat.
  5. Place the microgreen container in an indirect sunny position for 36-48 hours.
  6. Mist once or twice a day to keep the mat moist though not wet.
  7. Harvest microgreens from the mat - by either cutting the microgreens above the mat, or pulling the whole plant out.
  8. Rinse and eat root too for bonus nutrients!

Make sure that water levels do not get higher than the top of the mat; there should be no pooling. Each mat is single use only as roots become attached to the fibres.

Hemp Microgreen Grow Mat Material Details

Thickness: 750 gsm
Dimensions: 20 x 33 cm
OMRI listed
Fully home compostable

Microgreen Growing Basics 

Microgreens are grown in soil, a hydroponic growing pad, or in another growing medium such as cocopeat or hemp. They require light, are usually ready to eat in 5-15 days depending on what you're growing and are generally cut off above the soil so only the stems and first leaves (the Cotelydons) are consumed. 

For further information see our article - 5 Ways To Grow Microgreens and Sprouts

How to Store Microgreen and Sprouting Seeds

Store seeds in a cool, dry place (under 10°C) or in an airtight container in the fridge. Do not expose to moisture or direct sunlight. Grains, cereals and pulses should be refrigerated.

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