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Micro Greens Window Sill Grow Kit, from Urban Greens

Micro Greens Window Sill Grow Kit:

Add freshness, flavour and nutrition to home cooked meals by growing delicious edible micro greens on your own window sill - the ultimate in Local Produce, and perfect for gardeners with limited growing space. Each Urban Greens Grow Kit contains everything you need to grow your own micro greens indoors, including seeds produced in Australia. Simply rehydrate the growing medium, add the seeds and cover until they germinate. Mist your micro greens regularly to keep the soil damp and harvest when they reach the size you prefer.The porcelain growing container can be used to grow any edible sprouting plant. Try growing Broccoli micro greens for their amazing health benefits or Wheatgrass for ultra fresh smoothies. Have a look at our Garden Collection for more varieties.

Included in your Micro Greens Kit:

  • A beautiful porcelain window sill box with bamboo lid and drip tray
  • Rocket, Red Cabbage and Radish sprouting seeds
  • Organic coir growing medium
  • Instructions

Microgreen Windowsill Kit Instructions:

  • Empty the coir mix into a large bowl and add 325ml of warm water.
  • Leave to rehydrate for several hours or overnight.
  • When all the water is absorbed, mix the coir so the water is evenly distributed and transfer to the porcelain windowsill box.
  • Gently press the seeds down into the coir mix so they are partly covered.
  • Cover with the lid and place in a quiet spot away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep moist but not wet by misting daily using a plant mister.
  • When leaves start to appear, remove the lid and place underneath as a drip tray.
  • Move to an area with indirect sunlight.
  • Harvest 1-2 days after leaves appear.
  • Once the sprouts have been depleted, new microgreen seeds need to be resown in new soil.

Window Kit Dimensions:

  •  40 x 8 x 7cm

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Customer Reviews

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Love it, but I would have ordered the smaller one if I had seen it before I ordered this.


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