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KUDO Carbon Steel Mekiri Bonsai Snips

KUDO Mekiri Bonsai Snips:

These handmade carbon steel snips are great for small space gardening, bonsai cultivation, and for cutting new shoots, as well as as soft or thin branches. It is common for Japanese gardeners to carry both Mekiri snips and secateurs when working. Please note that the tips of both blades are slightly rounded.

KUDO Shears are a Yamagata, Japan-based blacksmith workshop where handmade carbon steel secateurs have been manufactured for 80 years. Kudo-san Snr has dedicated 55 years of his life to making exceptionally tough secateurs and has received numerous accolades for his creations. His tools are renowned amongst garden professionals, orchard workers, and flower growers. His son is now aiding him, preparing to take over the workshop someday.

Mekiri Bonsai Snips Care

If these snips are left wet or exposed to water then rust may develop. We strongly recommend wiping off moisture after use and spraying with a lubricant such as Camellia Oil to protect and preserve the life of these tools.

Bonsai Snip Materials:

Carbon Steel

Bonsai Snip Dimensions:

Full Length: 200mm

Blade length: 60mm

Weight: 215g (each pair has some differences due to being handmade)

About Shogun Tools:

Shogun Tools was founded in 2017 in Brisbane by Maki from Tokyo with support from her husband, Alex, a horticulturist and garden maintenance business owner. Maki's family had a passion for gardening, and she and Alex searched for high quality tools. Maki sourced info from professionals and Alex tested them for Australian use. Japanese blacksmiths (kaji) have long been revered for their precision blades and metalwork, but their industry has declined due to mass imports and a disposable culture. Shogun Tools support small businesses and artisans who create quality, long-lasting tools, preserving skills and traditions within Japan and beyond.


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