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Eco-Friendly Interdental Brushes

Eco-Friendly Interdental Brushes

These Interdental Brushes help clean those hard to reach places that regular tooth brushing can't get to giving your teeth and gums a more effective and deeper clean. With a handle made of sustainably grown MOSO bamboo (not eaten by Pandas) this pack of eight reusable Interdental Brushes make a great sustainable alternative to regular synthetic floss and plastic toothbrushes.

The Interdental Brushes soft long-lasting bristles are made of coated wire and need to be removed before composting the handle.

Interdental Brushes are designed for daily cleaning. They’re reusable and you don’t need to replace them after every use unless they're damaged or worn.

Contains 8 per pack.


  • Gets into the areas at the sides of your teeth, the interdental space, which is usually undisturbed and needs to be cleaned to help prevent dental plaque, gum inflammation and bad breath
  • Won't cut into and damage gums like dental floss
  • Ideal for cleaning around braces


  • Length 55mm
  • Bristle Size 0.6mm

How to Use:

  • Use before your regular toothbrush, eco-friendly options available here, and without applying toothpaste
  • Start with hard to reach places first, like between your back teeth
  • To help access back teeth Interdental Brush can be slightly curved by applying soft pressure with finger
  • Move toward front of mouth being mindful not to miss any gaps
  • Move the Interdental Brush its full length back and forth a couple of times all the way through the gaps
  • Do not aggressively force the Interdental Brush into a space, work it in gently
  • For every two teeth you clean rinse the Interdental Brush to help remove any build-up
  • Use a straight Interdental Brush between the front teeth

About Brush It On

Brush It On donate 100% of their profits to conservation projects that protect the world's oceans, forests, and wildlife. 


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