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Air Dry Magnetic Soap Holder from Beauty & the Bees

Magnetic Soap Saver:

Can a wooden soap holder really change your life? Heck yeah! This marvel of modern innovation puts a stop to soggy soaps and overflowing soap dishes, keeps your Beauty & the Bees products good as new for longer and boosts your bathroom's stylishness and functionality.

Please note:  this product can be used with all Beauty and the Bees soaps, soap shampoo bars and conditioner bars, but NOT with the hexagonal Honeycomb Shampoo bars or the Honeycomb conditioner bar, as the texture is much harder hence using the metal button insert does not work with this bar. 

How Does the Magnetic Soap Holder Work?

  • Prepare to be dazzled! Stick a toothy little disc into your soap and it'll automatically attach to the holder - you won't believe your eyes when you see how powerfully simple it is. (We're still pretty awestruck, TBH!)

  • Stick it wherever you fancy! In the bath, by the sink, on the shower screen - it's adhesive, works with glass, tiles, and mirrors, plus wood, cork, and other wall materials. Unleash your creativity! (Who knows what you can do?!)

  • It extends the life of soap and shampoo bars significantly by keeping them dry and snug, instead of leaving them in a soupy mess.

  • It safeguards your bench tops, sinks and surfaces from unsightly smears and puddles that can degrade their appearance and it minimises mess!

  • Constructed with sustainable Beech wood, it's designed to last forever, enabling you to conserve soap with every use.

How to Use:

Wall Mount with Sticker - Easily mount it to any clean, dry surface! Simply remove the paper backing off the self-adhesive and firmly press it into place. Make sure to wait 24 hours before using to ensure the adhesive is totally set—this isn't something to skip!

Wall-mount using screws - Place screw into the hole provided on the soap-holder and screw into place using a drill. This method allows for immediate use.

Using the holder - Simply press the metal disc firmly into the middle of the flattest side of your soap (or shampoo, conditioner) bar. Once the metal disc is secure, snap it on to the wall-mount and you’re done!

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