Urban Composting Options Workshop

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This workshop is for anyone who wants to know how to compost at home, school or work.  It covers composting systems best suited to the various situations in urban environments. Click here to go to our events page for upcoming dates.

What will you learn?

Learn how to use the Bokashi system, worm farms, worm towers, how to compost pet waste, hot and cold composting methods and how to run multiple systems together.

Find out why composting is one of the solutions you can do to live more lightly on the Earth, help reverse climate change and prevent greenhouse gases from being produced in landfill and stored in the atmosphere.

worm buffet in ground worm farm
An in ground worm farm like the Worm Buffetis one composting solution for small urban gardens

Workshop Format

The workshop is 60 minutes long followed by morning or afternoon tea where you can ask your individual composting questions.

You are given Urban Revolution's comprehensive Urban Composting Guide to take home for a practical composting reference. 

Enjoy 10% off in store on the day for all your composting and sustainable products.

Workshop Presenter

Jo Bussell is the founder of Urban Revolution and has a wealth of experience in composting methods, permaculture and garden design. She loves creating soil, growing food and wholefood cooking. 

Workshop Details and How to Book

The workshop is at Urban Revolution, 284 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park, 6100.

If you have a query, please email support@urbanrevolution.com.au, or phone (08) 6102 1068.

Click here to book

Pre-registration is essential as numbers are limited due to available space.

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